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This is tied up with a known bug in the forum software that generates script errors, and seems to be the reason why sp many people are having problems. For some of us, most of the time, it works despite the errors (though certain functions, like the search facility, refuse to cooperate completely) but for others it disables several forum features.

James (Forum Admin) is away at present but he is in discussion with the software developers and Archant's IT people about this - there is apparently a temporary fix produced by Microsoft that has to be obtained from MS itself and then implemented on the server where the forum is hosted. 

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My understanding is that the forums use asp.net, which is a Microsoft product - albeit a freely-available one. Maybe that explains the proliferation of bugs and errors?

Something very strange just happened - I tried to reply to Dick's post but Dick's text disappeared and my reply replaced it, just as if I had edited Dick's post. I don't think this is the first time this has happened to one of the forum moderators. I think I've managed to reinstate Dick's original post, but if anything has gone awry that's the reason.

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