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I just spent ages going through un-un-subscribing from all the topics that are now dead or I no longer want to subscribe to. Went through each page checking those topics I no longer wanted notification for, then pressed the “delete button” and discovered that it ignored all my selections other than those on the current page. I had wasted all that time as each time I changed to the next page it discarded anything I had selected.

I develop commercial software so have some experience of software systems. This forum software is inadequate in a large number of areas, to the point that I should never have been released for general use – let alone to have charged people money for it.

I seem to continually be wasting my time on this forum. The other week I had to spend ages deleting out 50 plus duplicate messages due to a bug in the forum software, now my efforts to tidy my subscriptions have all been wasted time !!”

We are continually being promised things will be better but they don’t seem to. Its always coming. Achant have lost all credibility as a company – they can’t even setup and run a forum properly. As I previously stated, in my own company a non-technical person installed, configured, set-up and maintains a forum and it works. Archant with all their flash job titles IT groups, etc. cannot even do that.

I appreciate I’m critical of this forum software system – but it deserves it. Ban me if you want for being outspoken – but I’m past caring any more. Communicating through this software is just such hard work I’m considering joining the many others and posting the “deserted elsewhere” message on another forum.
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But is you want to delete some and keep others it is very poor. Select the ones you want to delete on e.g. Page one, move to page 2 and it will discard all your selections from page 1 (without warnings or anything). I went through 13 pages selecting which ones to delete !!!!
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