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"Tell me when anyone else replies..." ?


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Well that's mighty weird.  I have nothing under the text box right now (as I write) except the full range of smiley pix, the buttons for Post and for Preview, and then the box saying it's powered by "telligent Community Server"...

And I didn't have any notification arrive in my Inbox of your reply, Suze.


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Bizarre! The check box should be just above where all the smilies are.

Alternatively, at the top of the thread there is a box 'Notify' with a bell on it - if you click on it a tick appears over the bell, you are then 'subscribed' to this thread, click again to un-tick it.

I have to say that  the new forum is not as user friendly as the old one.

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Hi there, try this, from a new user having just gone through the sign up etc.

At the very top of this page you'll see a horizontal list starting with the words 'edit your details'. Click your user name to the right of this and your user profile box will drop down. Scroll down to email options and there's a check box where you can tick yes or no to being notified of responses to your post by email.

Hope this helps.


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Genius, PB!

I've selected the Yes button, and now I do get the little "email me" box at the bottom of my reply panel!
I also selected another box that gives me the preview of a post when I hover over it.  Was wondering about that one too!

Many thanks  [:D]

Angela (UK & 85)

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