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The three topics listed at the top of this forum don't seem to be getting used much recently. Instead the questions relating to these FAQs are being put in the various (and sometimes more than one !) topic catagories. Why? If people are not going to use the three at the top can't they be got rid of, and the questions popped into an appropriate topic discussion?

Just wondering!

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I have been looking at the 3 FAQs that were in preparation for some time now and wondering what it was all about. They have suddenly increased to 6 and I have actually got around to reading some of the content.

FAQs they may be but it does not strike me that the answers provided are all that helpful, being too specific to a given situation.

Personally I think having the top part of my screen blocked with these is a waste of time. Better to search the archives if one has a particular topic in mind.

Sorry to whoever has put in a lot of hard work to get these on screen. You can't please all of the people all of the time!
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Yet another 2002 post has been revived [:)]

The forum software has changed more than once since then, so the OP is talking about totally different FAQs.

It should be possible to move them to the bottom of the forum rather than the top, but the whole idea of having them there was so that they would be obvious to newcomers.

I think most regular users go straight into the 'active' list, so avoid seeing the FAQs every time.

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