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Posting Problems

Just Katie

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[quote user="Just Katie"]

Tresco has asked me to post on her behalf as she cannot start a thread.


Thanks Katie.[:)]

I can't reply to a post by clicking on 'reply' - only if I click on 'quote'.

That's no big deal as I can quote anyone and then delete it, but I can't initiate an exchange by pm. I can only reply to pms that have been sent to me (again, only by using the quote button).

I can't start a new topic (obviously).


noticed this a while ago but really have no idea what can be causing

it.  Does anyone have any ideas as to what might be causing this?

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Ok, one step at a time....

What exactly happens when you click on "reply"?  Can you see the button OK?  Does it do nothing, or do you get an an error message?

For PMs, again, can you see the button, does it do anything, or do you get an error?

For new topics, same questions as above.

It might just be worth signing out of the forum, and then back in again.

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When I click on 'reply', the box opens as usual and all appears normal. No buttons are missing and no error messages appear.

I can do anything with the 'subject' box (see above) but once I try to enter the message box nothing happens, my cursor won't click into it.

Exactly the same thing happens if I try to send a pm or start a thread.

I have logged out and back in again many times.

Edit: Oh that's strange. I changed the title but it didn't come through on the post.

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Normally you can't click in the message box until all the smiley things beneath the box have loaded.  It might just be a cookie problem.  You could try deleting all your forum cookies, which would force a reload the next time you log onto the forum.

You probably know how to delete cookies, but just in case...

Go to the tools menu on IE

Select Internet Options

In the General tab, under Browsing History, hit the Delete button

At the Cookies section, hit delete

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Mmm. I've done that and it worked fine for IE.

At least I think it did because I normally use Firefox, and being a very scatterbrained bunny I forgot to test to see whether I could post normally first, using IE.[8-)][:$]

I've followed the same process in Firefox but still have the same problem.

V strange, but I'll just use IE when I need to.

Thanks very much for your help.[:)]

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I've just caught up with this...

I use FF

I have no problem posting, sending a PM or replying to a post. But I know that the cursor does not appear in the reply box until I start typing.

I use quite a few add-ons like Adblock +, language dictionaries,

Spellcheck (yeah, right!), Translate, Flashblock, G-translate, IE

Tab...), which may also slow down page loading, but even on slow ADSL,

I don't notice it, but I also know to wait until the full page has downloaded before typing (hence the status bar post earlier).

Tresco, assuming you have saved your latest FF download into "My download", I would suggest removing the program via Add/Remove, followed by a re-install.

If you have an earlier version, do an update once the program is re-installed.

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