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The Archos 101. Anybody got/used one ?


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I am thinking of getting a tablet. The main use will be to take to France use the Wi Fi for emails and Skype . So I need one with a forward face camera . I have looked at the Ipad 2 nice as it is ....its expensive and I will not need 3000 apps The Archos 101 has usb ports so will let me plug in extras like a USB powered external DVD player to watch a film while on the boat .I usually have to seek a ships socket to power my laptop to watch a film and today the whole world seem to have cottoned on to the idea where with a tablet the battery life seems to be 10 hours so no more socket searches .

Has anybody got the Archos 101 which is half the price of an Apple Ipad2 and how good and how reliable have you found it ?
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I have a 10" Android tablet that is probably about half the price of the Archos. I love the thing, but find that with the Wifi and GPS switched on the battery only lasts about 4 hours of use. Not tried skype with it yet. There is a good free Android app for Gmail.

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