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Hello, We bought a peice of building land with a 2 year C.U (CERTIFICATE OF URBINISATION) in 2004 . It was renewed in 2006  ,we thought for 2 years ,but turns out to be for only one. We wanted to renew it again and have been told (Mayor) it will be tuned down as the land lies 'out of the administation map where it is possible to build' , there is electricity and water on site and beside two other dwellings. Needless to say we are devestated , as this was  a dream retirement project, to start in 2-3 years time. At no point were we informed by the vendor - Notaire- Mayor that this could  possibiliy happen.

Is ther anything we can do? HELP

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You could put in for planning permission (permis de construire), provided the CdU has not expired yet.

Unfortunately, CdUs can only be renewed once and the "zoning" (which authorises or otherwise building on any particular pice of land) can change (seemingly) willy-nilly.

Unfortunately, noone is going to tell you what you should already know - although the Notaire should have discussed the CdU with you when you signed the final acte. You'd be on a hiding to nothing trying to claim that someone tried to hide the facts from you, I'd suggest.

Even if the CdU has expired, you could always apply for another - the final descision rests with the DDE, not the Mairie. There is a appeals process, but, like all such things in France it is very long-winded.


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