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flights from Midlands to Toulouse/Carcassonne next April/May


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Hi! Does anyone know how soon you can book return flights for next April or May? And which airlines offer the best deals? Would prefer Birmingham or East Midlands to either Toulouse or Carcassonne. Hope to have a long weekend - 3 or 4 days. We are really looking fwd to doing our first recce of the SW region to get an idea where we might eventually lay our hats so any other suggestions or comments would be very welcome!
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Check with one of the flight scanner sites for operators on the routes you want. I believe that Flybe currently operate a service Birmingham to Toulouse but whether it will be operate next April/May it is probably to early to know.  You dates are referring to a spring/summer 2009 timetable which could be published from possibly October/November or not even until 2009 depending on the operator. If you are using a low cost carrier look at their prices about 2-3 months before your departure date and you may find a cheap flight.

There are many more airports that you can choose in SW France so it may be better to sort a more exact location because 3 to 4 days will only allow you to cover a very small part of this vast area. When I bought my property in Languedoc back in 1989, I spent  2 weeks  just in the Aude/Herault departments getting to know the location and luckily found our house at the end of the trip.



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 Dibble, forgive me if I'm teaching you to suck eggs but  please don't plan to "hang your hats" or buy a house here and then depend on being able to travel in perpetuity from a regional airport in the UK to one of the smaller regional airports in France. 

Even now the current Summer TLS timetable shows Flybe operating one flight a week from Brum to TLS and as Baz has said nobody knows about next Summer's routes and timetables. If you are planning a purchase or move with a view to making frequent returns to the UK then bear in mid that at the moment all the airlines are very much on the edge financially and all the operators are looking long and hard at which routes are profitable and which ones are not.  Whilst places like TLS, LGW, Stansted and Luton are unlikely to be dropped from the major airlines route structures anytime soon a lot of smaller airports ( both in the UK and in France) are almost certainly going to suffer flight reductions and/or route closures, starting this Winter. Be careful where you buy, and if you are planning to make frequent journies between France and the UK have a back up route in mind, be it via London or Paris.


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