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Selling a motorbike on ebay uk


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Hi everyone,

Could you give me any advice re selling a bike on ebay uk please. I've sold many other items but not something as pricey as the bike. What is the best way to get payment and how much personal details do I supply. I know the concern is mainly for the buyer but also want to safe guard myself. Also how to identify time wasters etc.

Thanks in advance.

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Personally I would avoid using ebay to sell a motor cycle in the uk.

Consider taking out a paid-for ad in Motorcycle News.

You are then advertising a motorcycle to people who are interested in motorcycles.

For £19.99 you get a lot of free stuff thrown in.

Masked phone number, masked email, free security checks etc.


Payment is up to you and what your feel comfortable with.

The most secure is to take the buyer with his cash to your bank and pay it in to your account.

That way you know the cash is good, and you don't put yourself at risk from a dodgy buyer who could nick the bike and the cash.

Look out for the "I haven't got the full amount in cash will you take a cheque for the balance" scam.

Then they cancel the cheque.

Timewasters and test pilots.

You'll get fewer timewasters with a paid for ad.

No test rides unless the full asking price in cash is in your hand and the buyer proves that they are insured - ie you have the written evidence that they are insured to ride your motorcycle - or you could be implicated in permitting the buyer to ride uninsured.

And don't forget to sign date and write the time the sale took place on the V5 slip that you keep, so you are not landed with the buyer's speeding fine on the way home.
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