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1936 Jonghi 100


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Can anyone help, I am in the UK and have taken on the restoration of a Jonghi 100. I desperately need a carburettor and also a set of points. Can anyone advise a source of spare parts please ? Also advice on points gap and petrol/oil ration ? Thank you. David
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I have searched lots of French classic motorcycle websites and there is very little information and no obvious parts availability on that marque in France.

Consider joining a french classic bike online forum and asking on there?

I found this publication as a free download on Jonghi:-

TECHNICAL REVIEW MOTO JONGHI 100cc and 125cc RTM0033 - November 1950 PDF FB2 iBook

link -


As a replacement carburettor have you tried contacting the Amal carburettor company?- They still exist.


Best of luck - let us know how you get on.

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