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Hi Guys

Just thought I would pass my experiance with Fuji camara repair centre in the UK. 5 years ago I bought from Currys a Fuji Finepix S5000. super camara, on a recent visit to France I had a problem with it, it appeared it had got left on play back or knocked on to playback, when I went to take a photo I was just getting lines on the screen.

So first I went to Currys to see if they could get it sorted, did not want to know, as PC World was a couple of doors away asked them did not want to know.

So ok I thought I would try Fuji, tried their website, but could not get passed my address every time I put my postcode in it keeped saying wrong postcode for this address, we have only been here for seven years.

Next I telephoned them, got someone who did not seem to know the time of day, when I tried to explain the problem, could not get an answer from him, all he said was, send it to us, I asked is this the correct address, reading it out to him, no he said and read the same address back to me.

I contacted the repair centre and was quoted £59.99, deep intake of breath. ok, and paid it with a card, I TOLD THE GUY IT WAS A FINEPIX S5000, I asked how long it would take, normally 10-12 days but maybe be quicker, so I took it they were not busy, this was on the 19th of Nov.

This morning a box arrives on opening it I find an A610 MINI  camera, I telephoned them at two minutes past 9 oclock, explained it all and was told I had sent them an A610, I said to the guy, until this morning I did not know what an A610 was, how has this got into the conversation, I do not own a A610, but that was the repair price you were quoted for, I told him that was his problem, I asked for an S5000 repair quote, a long pause on the phone, he came back to tell me he had found my camera, has it been repaired I asked him no as you have not paid for this its £89.99, by now my blood was boiling, leave it with me he said and I will get back to you.

He has just telephoned to say he is sending a return paid enverlope for the 610 and that my S5000 will be repaired for the £59.99 I have already paid, and it will be with me early next week.

Be warned.




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