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Can someone please answer one or two simple questions about this service, svp?

I am buying some stuff from leboncoin and the seller has asked me for my nearest MR point.  Now I have never used this service before because I have always opted to pay a bit more for delivery to my home, given the choice.

This time, however, the seller is paying the postage and so I feel I should fall in with their suggestion.

My question is this:  do I just find out (google of course!) my nearest MR address and give that to the seller?

Then, presumably, I will be able to track the parcel and turn up to collect it when it's been delivered?  Also, I'd need a pièce d'identité, right?

Basic for most on here but, hey, someone has to have a first time (of EVERYTHING?[:D]) 

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Thank you,andy.  I just wanted someone in the know to confirm what I thought I knew or could guess!

Sometimes things have a habit of catching you out and I don't like surprises (not even if they are nice ones!)

BTW, have you ever SENT anything using them?  Do they collect or do you have to take it to the nearest depot?

I think what confused me was a HUGE bin I have seen in town with the mondial relais logo on it and yet, when I googled my nearest "point", it was somewhere completely different!![8-)]  In fact, it's the address of a sort of equip-yourself-with-a-gun-or-lethal-knife sort of shop!!![:-))]

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 I use Mondial Relay quite a lot and have found their charges reasonable and their service efficient.

I have just sent a parcel to the UK for about half the price of La Poste, and all seems well so far.

Parcels going outside France are delivered to the door.

The tracking is a bit slow to update, but you get an email advising when it is available at the depot.

Go to [url]http://www.mondialrelay.fr/[/url] , where you can find your nearest depot.

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