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IKEA - a tree in every dishwasher


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Just bought a small dishwasher from Ikea Montpellier, decided to fit it in today, big mistake, had to call on friend for assistance.

However, what appalled me is that inside said dishwasher I found a large plastic bag containing 15 x A5 instructional use booklets, catering for every language under the sun.

Now this is not your everyday 3 or 4 pages long booklet but each contains 55 pages and each book gave instructions in 2 languages. The total weight was just over a kilo, in addition there were other leaflets etc on how to clean, how to put together and safety instructions.

When one considers that this is replicated throughout the whole of the Ikea appliance range it must add up to an awful lot of trees for the sake of expediency.

Apart from not buying Ikea.....what to do about it though?
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Ceejay wrote : Apart from not buying Ikea.....what to do about it though?

Write to/contact whoever you discover is in charge of Ikea dishwasher/white goods sales for the EU ?/world ? .. and ask them why they need to be so over-productive ? If you find out out who to contact then perhaps we could arrange a mass letter/email sending .. it's important to be more than a lone voice.
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