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A happy ending


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Our oven went on the fritz last Sunday, slow cooking a rolled shoulder of lamb in a dutch oven. On checking the original Ikea guarantee (thank goodness my wife likes filing paperwork) found that the 5 years was up in October this year. After navigating the not easy to find section on the Ikea site, photographing and enlarging the etiquette to find which company made the oven (Whirlpool in Poland), without much hope I contacted the rep. You will be contacted in 48 hours by someone she said, and we were. Technician will be with you on Friday 0800 - 1300 we were informed, and he was. Arrived at 0930, eventually found the two problems, had brought all the bits and extras just in case. Two resistances changed and voila, got our oven back, no charge to us.

I know it only cost 278€ to buy, but in todays throw away society we found it quite reassuring that the occasional good service does still exist.
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I have a happy ending story too. I ordered 20L of PH- from Manomano , and paid the slightly higher delivery charge to have it delivered before Friday (yesterday). I then had an email to tell me it would be delivered next Tuesday! I went back to the site to check the delivery date, and one of those "can we help you" windows popped up. So, not expecting much joy, I asked why they had not been able to honour the express delivery. Three hours later I had an email to say they had refunded the full delivery charge. So 20L of PH- will now be delivered for free. Result!
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