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hi OK

     reason i ask is after 5 years of Brits, Danish .Irish , Scottish, Welsh, New Zealanders, Spanish etc   our first french couple have just arrived .... not happy bunnies  "  What no French TV !!! "

  Our web site is in English  and the lettings site we use is  a  .co.uk  one  ... shame ..

      I will now put in basic French TV  just in case we get A N other ....


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Just looked at Lepoirie.com and it says "TV with UK satellite".

Now I suppose that technically you deliver what you state . However as a Brit holidaying in France I would expect that French TV to be a given and the UK bit as an additional feature.

If I found it was only UK TV I would feel a bit, even a great deal cheated.

I like to watch French TV when  on holiday if only to know about the greves and the weather.

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hi ok

               Just an up date ......SHE is now going nuts  about  the set up we have in our gite ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,He is now made up he is  watching Wimbledon all  day ... how do you say  " ca la vie " in French


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