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prosecution for no pool security


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We have a private pool which complies with the AFNOR specs re security; in our case it is alarmed.

However, it is to my knowledge that a large minority (or even majority) of pool owners haven't bothered with any security since it became obligatory. 

Now that's up to them and they take the risks, but I would be interested to learn if anyone knows of any prosecutions for non-compliance or indeed have any owners been subjected to inspections. 



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We put in an abri, all of the non french that we know have conformed (7) with the legislation, and so far nothing in terms of follow up etc. The french people that we know that have pools (4), none have complied with the legislation.



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As the penalty is so severe, I doubt whether the risk is worth taking.

An alarm can only work if someone is there to do something about it.   As we are sometimes away, we decided to remove ours and have an abri which we can lock and forget.

However the fact that an alarm is fitted, presumably complies with the legal requirenent, which is probably why the locals think it is a stupid bit of political nonsence.

The river in front of our house doesn't have a fence, so I would think an unattended child would probably drown in that before getting to us.   The people in this village look after their small children.

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Currently it is the Gendarmes who are responsible for checking the compliance of swimming pool security.

I have heard confirmed reports of checks made throughout Dordogne and Lot but not any other departments

There has be unconfirmed reports of 3 prosecutions in the Lot. We are checking this information and trying to get an overview of the situation with respect to Official opinion on the Law but its hard as there is no one agency responsible and those that are involved are not really that enthusiastic about the job.


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