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Pool Alarm not so alarming!!


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Hi All,

We have recently just finished our pool and like good citizens bought an alarm for it.   It is an AQUASENSOR alarm.   But we cannot get it to work.   We have followed all the instructions in the book where you throw the jerry can in the pool to get the alarm to go off.   This didn't work so we started throwing ourselves in the pool and nada, nothing.   I'm really sure how exactly it should work, I'm guessing that if the level of the water changes significantly then the alarm should signal but I'm not really sure how........

Has anyone had a similar problem?

Did you fix it?

Could the alarm simply be faulty?

Or are we stupid and not doing something right?

Thanks for all your help.

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the only thing these alarms do is comply with the regs, apart from that they are next to useless.

i have one, i'm 6.4 and 17stone, i can jump in the pool and thrash around like i'm being eaten by a shark and it doesn't go off. little bit of wind or rain and it goes bonkers.



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Yep, I am afraid Mikey is spot on, they are a complete waste of time.

Ours went wrong, we sent it back, and in fairness they did replace it with a new one.

The new one is now playing up, so it is time to spend some serious money and get a AFNOR approved roller cover.

We bought the aquasensor to conform to the law, but they are useless in my view for loads of reasons which have been discussed at lenght on this forum.

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Alarms in a pool!

What I have always wanted to know is that you are supposed to be able to respond to the alarm within 3 minutes. What happens if you go to the shops?

Also, if you have a faulty alarm and you send it back how is your pool covered in the time that the alarm is away?

If it is a holiday home who is listening when you are not there?

The list goes on!

You have to be able to respond within 3 minutes to comply, full stop..

We have a floating roller cover. I roll it on and off with my 24 volt electric drill. That saved 1000€ off of the price of having it either connected to the mains or solar powered. It also saved a lot of digging up of the ground around the pool to put any cables in to drive the cover...

From the time we want to use the pool to the time we can use it is 4 minutes and that includes me having to get my drill and wind the cover back. I am will ing to do that a fair number of times for 1000€ [:D]

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Well your posts confirms what we already thought!!!

We have a WaterAir pool - Claire08 which is in the form of a kidney bean so I don't think we can get a roller security cover for it and I'm not sure that I really want one (like to just jump in when the fancy take me).   

So back to the drawing board..........

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We are now on our third Aquasensor alarm and our pool is only 16 months old!

We cannot have a roller shutter as our pool is an ovoid shape, we have also discounted a laser perimeter alarm for the time being as we have lots of rabbits who wander around at night. When we have completed our fence and installed gates we may consider that option. There are pool covers which double up as winter and summer covers and comply with the safety regs.

Getting back to the original query, our third alarm is an "improved" version and we are keeping our fingers crossed this time. Like all previous alarms it does have a tendency to go off when it gets windy even though this version has an automatic sensor which puts it into standby mode when the water gets ruffled.

What we did find out is that the water level in the pool is quite critical for the alarm to work properly.

Our supplier was none too happy when we returned the second faulty one and intimated that they would not entertain a further replacement! Our "Gallic shrug" was quite eloquent!

Best of luck Fiona


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It seems that everyone elses alarm goes off when its windy - which is strange because we have never heard a peep out of ours!!!   The only noise it has ever made is when you pass the magnet over the top to switch it on or off.......

Question : our house has a wall and fence all the way around it and a gate that locks - is that considered enough security or do you have to put a special fence just around the pool???   What is the legislation here???

It's good to hear that it's not just us........thanks for everyones replies.

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