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Hi! I am also interested in the Form Eio6, having read about it in David Hampshire's book, "Living and Working in France". I am moving to France permanently next month. I have been a "housewife" for a few years, therefore am considered "retired" but I am too young to draw a pension. The book says that EU citizens who retire early before qualifying for a (British) state pension can receive free health cover (in France) for 2 years by obtaining a E106. I think that I found some information on the internet (probably went to the DHSS site), but I can't really remember. Anyway I obtained a 'phone number and the employee was very helpful - Tel. No. 0191 2187777. (DHSS Overseas). She told me that when I get to pensionable age all I have to do is to contact her office a few weeks before my birthday to enable me to claim my pension. She gave me another number to ring so I could obtain the form E106, which I have not done yet - 0191 2187547. (I hope I have got the tel. numbers the right way round - my notes are rather muddled, like my brain!)

Hope this is of some help. If you follow up on this, please could you let me know how you get on, of if you obtain further info., as I need to do something pronto!
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