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Looking at the amount of interest in long term rentals I'm surprised that this forum does not allow people to post up their own properties for rental. Surely the idea is to bring people together who have a shared interest - in this case, seekers and suppliers and there must be many of both accessing this particular section.

As one who had a  rather curt removal with no option of a direct reply, the only reason I can think of is the we'd treading on the toes of the advertising department.

Like to comment admin?


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Hi Bannon

I have flagged your post to Admin so he is aware of your question.

The mods deleted your advert because it breached the non advertising rule of the forum (see here: Code of Conduct)

The long let section of the forum was created at the request of members who wanted to discuss the various aspects of long-term rentals in France, as regulations are very different from long lets in the UK.

As with the whole forum, the section is not intended to be for advertising and any advert will be removed.
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Hi Clair,

Thanks for your reply.

Well yes, I was aware of the rules of the forum but perhaps I am being distracted by the number of enquiries being made. What is needed I suppose is some way that owners can be made aware of such enquiries automatically without having to log on. Just a thought, as so many residents having moved out and maybe nudging retirement would appreciate a little extra income and are disinclined perhaps to engage with commercial letting agents. I also notice that lots of enquiries on many subjects are then steered towards suppliers. Advertsing 'once removed' perhaps.



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