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Er, allo! 1 lit apartment etc required pls


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Hi all!

How exciting it is to be here!

I am finally relocating to France Spring/Summer but dont think I will be buying right away.

Can anyone advise me on SW area rental apartments / chalet / small outhouses etc offer me a nice 1 bed apartment even?!

Anywhere from Arachon southwards, as close to the coast / any of les plages/le surf as possible would be preferable.

Trad French style or modern would suit, not too fussy ala its pleasant.

Thanks in advance, and look forward to chatting

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Mostly holiday places, very hard to find a normal 1 bed for permanent residents.

Starting to think Id be better off just getting an investment mortgage before I go, by convert, move in etc

Im spooked right now tbqh, got A level French but am even finding the language an issue :(***

Google is useless too
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