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We have sold in France and are now renting whilst making the decision to stay or to move back to the UK where we still have a house.

However the rental is less than wonderful lots of hidden defects and that for a substantial monthly rent. The agent says it is the owner's responsibility the owner says not doing anything we have a economic crisis.

What please are the opportunities and what are our rights. Nightmare now includes finding the fosse in the garage and wc overflows from time to time and lots more.

We have been here for less than six weeks
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This is quite a useful site if you are renting as it gives the obligations of both parties:


Our landlord came and sorted a problem with our fosse ... in person; though I was a tad surprised he did. But we rent privately. It can be better or worse renting through an agency and definitely takes more time to get problems sorted in my experience.

An overflowing fosse is a dire situation, it is a health risk. You really do need to take up residence in the agency and not leave until you have complained loud and long enough to achieve the name and tel no of the company who is coming to sort the problem and pronto. Speak to them if you can, stressing the urgency of the situation.

It would seem almost impossible for you to have blocked a fosse in 6 weeks so it was an existing problem.

You can perhaps look into leaving there - ask about the services of a huissier to back your case for leaving early at little or no cost.


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