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English Belkin Modem working in France

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Hi There

I have just been down to my local France Telecom and signed up for a ADSL line to recieve the internet. They tried to offer me a live box ( i belive a wanadoo) but opted not to take it. Is it possible to still use my Belkin Modem and wireless card . Is it just a case of changing my settings to the French ones.Will i also being able to use a Network key so no one else can tap in to my modem

Hope some one can help





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Will work fine, the only thing you might need to change are the VPI / VCI settings, which in France are [normally] 8 / 35 respectively - otherwise you won't be able to make a connection.

When I signed up to Tele2 they sent me a sheet with a full list of modem/router settings for their ADSL service (a lot more than BT did in the UK!) so I was quickly able to configure the modem to work.


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