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OK, check the PC card is installed correctly and reinstall if necessary, the PCMCIA controller is installed correctly and again reinstall if necessary and the wifi settings of your modem are OK and that you match the settings with the card settings.

Can you give us some info about what  kind of modem do you have?


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I have an alice box too...

Assuming that the Alice box is working OK ( i presume... as you  are posting here) go in to the alice box menu to make sure that wifi is enabled.

Open internet explorer, in the address bar at the top, where you normally put a web address in, type and press enter

then enter your username and password usually 'alice' and 'alice'

this should open the modem  alice settings window.

On the menu on the left you will see configuration WiFi, click on that. Look at the bit 'etat de service' on mine it says 'activé' and there is a green button.

that mean wifi is activated and is working.

If you see a red button and the word 'desactivé' that means it is disactivated. Click on the button that says 'Activer' and then 'appliquer' at the bottom

You have to decide on which security settings you will use at this point WEP WPA or MAC or none at all and remember the key to let the wifi card have access. If you choose no security ( Aucune) then you will have an open wifi signal to anyone. This mught be a useful setting for now to make sure that you can connect. You can always change the settings after once you know the wifi is working.

Once you have finished with the wifi settings, click on Sauvegarder on the left menu.

If you still cannot connect by wifi, I would check and reinstall the PCMCIA drivers and then the PC card if necessary.

Look in Start/control panel/system/hardware/device manager. you will se a list of all the harware on the pc.

If there are no yellow exclamation marks or yellow question marks shown in the list everything should be working OK

Click on PCMCIA adapter and check it is working properly.

reinstall the PC card following the instructions that came with it. You mught have to uninstall it first by clicking on it in device manager...

If you are now connected by wifi go back to the alice box settings page and change the security settings noting carefully the keys to enter on the PC card settings. If you were connected with no security settings and caan't connect after, then the issus is the security settings.

try all that and let us know what happens

good luck



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This may not help at all but we have a Netgear WiFi adapter used in conjunction with an Alice box. I seem to remember that, when trying to set it up, we were prompted to choose between allowing Windows (XP) to make the 'connection' or the (recommended) option of allowing the Netgear adaptor do it. Using the Netgear option, it was impossible to connect. As soon as we chose the Windows option it connected straight away and has worked perfectly ever since.

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Thanks Danny and Maggie.

I am pleased to say that I am now WIFI'ED. I read yours first Danny and it scared me to death so I tried Maggies idea, and connected straight away. Thanks to both of you for you help it is very much appreciated.




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