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Note this is a guess but is probably the likeliest explanation. The French TV will search for SECAM and PAL and therefore finds the UK transmissions which are in PAL I. However the TV is set up to recieved/tune in programmes from Belgium, Germany and Switzerland which use PAL B/G. The key difference in specefication is that PAL I used an offset of 5.5 MHertz from the video frequency for audi whereas PAL B/G uses 6.0 Mhertz.

Borrow a UK non digital TV to check then make a swift descision about purchasing a TV that can receive both SECAM and PAL I. Last time I checked Channel Isles TV had no date for the switch to digital but analogue sets will become harder to find in a couple of years.

How old is your French TV ? The last three TV we purchased in France ( 10 years ago , 2 and 3 years ago) all receive both PAL I and PAL B/G

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Absolutely in accord with what Anton has written,   although we bought two TV's in France in 2002 and whilst they handle B/G D/K and L they don't do I.    So you may be in the same boat.

Digital switch-over in the CI's has now been finalised and the date brought forward to Nov 2010;   if you can see the analogue pics now (even if you can't hear anything!) it's likely that a TNT/DTT box or integrated TV will also work fine after switch over;  three of the same UHF channels will be used as are used for analogue at the moment and they are cleared by international planning to the same standards.   However,   I have a feeling that the transmitter at Fremont Point (the parent) will only be doing "Freeview Lite",  ie the basic BBC/ITV/C4 stuff rather than the full range.    If you can wait that long and are suitably equipped you will regain your sound!

Satellite is of course a more reliable source and the sound problem will vanish if you use that method.  

Laters:  actually Anton I *am* going to nitpick.  The audio offset you mention is actually the other way round,  viz B and G use 5.5 MHz and I uses 6 MHz (strictly speaking since Nicam it's 5.996 MHz).   L uses 6.5 MHz.    But the thrust of what you wrote is entirely correct,   if the OP wants analogue UHF from Fremont Point then he'she must ensure their TV is capable of receiving system "I" with PAL colour.    Worth a glance at the manual which will confirm,  there's just a chance that a menu change will produce system I....  

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