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Does anyone know where I can find out the cost of LPG for a bulk tank, i.e. 1500 litres. Everyone has said that it's expensive and to rip it out and install an oil tank and boiler. That's an even more expensive option and would take a lot of years to break even with LPG, so if anyone can tell me either the price or where I can find it, great stuff.


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Good afternoon John

If my memory serves me correctly, unless the gas tank that you have was bought outright by the previous owners, then the gas tank is in fact owned by the company with whom the previous owners signed up with for the supply of the tank and the fuel.
I am sure that someone on here will correct me otherwise should I be wrong in this assumption OR anything else that I have typed below. And then I will also learn.

My understanding from various forums is that, if you wish to have a gas tank and supply installed, then you approach one of the suppliers e.g. Totalgaz (no I do not have any connection - pun intended - with them) and arrange to have a tank installed and get your gas from them. Once that contract is in place and the tank installed, I do believe, rightly or wrongly, that the company is responsible for the inspection and maintenance of the tank as you effectively rent the tank from them.

I appreciate that the above paragraph may seem a little bit superfluous because you ALREADY have a tank installed.
But please bear this in mind when I ask the following questions:

1. With whom did the previous owners have a contract to have the tank installed ?

2. Does that contract still exist ? If it does, then you may find yourself legally obliged to carry on paying rent to them for the tank?
(Irrespective from who you source your gas supply)

3. When you bought the property, was there any mention made about this gas tank and if so what were the conditions in place as regards its maintenance and any contract of supply and maintenance?

If the tank was fitted on a private basis i.e. no contract then have a look on Pages Jaunes  here


This is the French Yellow Pages in English.

Type in GUTANE AND PROPANE GAS (PRODUCTION AND DISTRIBUTION) in the top box and your department number in the bottom box and hit the search button. You will get a number of replies and if you select the WWW savoir link, the first listed will be those who have a website - you will seen now why I have mentioned Totalgaz.

Bonne chance mon ami.


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What David H says is spot on.  The tank and fittings are owned by and the responsibility of the gas company (Total, Primagaz, whatever) The deal is that the tank is free but you pay a refundable deposit of about 500 Euros.   They then come and inspect the tank and your gas installations to make sure its up to spec.  I had to have some minor pipework done because the regulations had changed since it had been installed.  After that it works a treat.  They come round every so often and top up the tank if necessary (or immediately if you give them a call) and send a bill for the gas. This is why you pay the deposit in the first place.  Once a year they arrange to come and check the tank and every other year, come and check your installation from a safety point of wiew. All this is free! For me it works a treat and I am able to screen the tank behind hedges although I understand the newer solution is to bury the tank in the ground.  If you have a tank and it's OK then you can just have it filled.  If it needs replacing then this should cost you nothing.


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