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Not sure if this is the right place to post this but here we go!  We have a friend coming out to visit us later in the year with 2 young children...she is planning hiring a car over here but can anyone tell us what the rules and regs on car seats are here? 

As always any advice much appreciated [:D]


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As I understand it, the regs for this have just been harmonised throughout Europe, so whatever the requirements are in the UK are the same in France now.  Not matter what the regulations are, saftey is the key issue so she should use whatever keeps them safe.  I saw in the junk leaflets we get in the mail box that Champion are selling booster seats (for 3yrs+) and the smaller ones for older kids very very cheaply (i.e. 5 / 6 euros!), and when I was in Intermarche today they had a huge row of them on promo - perhaps so people here can catch up with the new regulations for older (short) children.


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