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ET wrote: Let's hope that Transferwise doesn't decide to up its charges.

It shouldn't do as its system doesn't actually do cross-country transfers .. according to what I've read TW matches people in each appropriate country according to the currency being exchanged. So the euros I'm hoping to receive never leave France but are moved nationally from one account to my account. Whereas my ££s will remain in the UK for the benefit of someone who wants them in exchange for whatever currency they started out with.

That's a gross simplification .. ☺
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Thanks Sue, that's interesting, I didn't know how it worked.

I like TW, I've always found them very customer-friendly, but there is always a temptation to hike the rates when the market becomes less competitive, "because you can". They do after all sell themselves on being "XX€ cheaper than bank charges"...
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I do not believe that that will happen, the whole of the financial services would be in turmoil, y compris, in the EU.

I agree, but by this reasoning wars never happen and the Brexit vote itself never happened. Barnier stated that the EU does not need the City of London, so they put the screws on.

Just read the relevant notices to stakeholders:
"Payment institutions authorised by United Kingdom competent authorities, as of the withdrawal date, will not be allowed to provide payment services in the territory of the Union cross-border or through the use of branches located in the Member States."

The UK government is not reading them.

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