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Hi everyone

Before moving to France last year I was an Avon lady for a number of years and was contemplating doing the same thing here for a few extra euros a month.  I have done a search on the subject and came across similar posts but I was wondering if it could be done under the new auto-entrepreneur system and if so would it be easier.

I will make lots of enquiries first to see if there is a demand for Avon amongst my friends and in the local area as I gather from the other posts that Avon isn't quite so popular here in France.

I'd appreciate any thoughts please.

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Hi trastu

I sold Avon for a short time last year.

You do not have to register as a business as Avon employ you and  they pay your cotistations. You have to declare your earnings on your tax form and Avon send you a statement

of earnings every three months for tax purposes.

Hope this  helps and good luck.



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Thanks for your comments, they are much appreciated.

Thank you for your best wishes Jayne.  In England you are self-employed as an Avon representative but if Avon employ you here and pay your cotisations that's good but do you mind if I ask why you only did it for a short time, was it not worth your while?


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