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Dear all,

Will probably feel a right plonker when someone points out where to find this, but I have searched the EDF internet site, pages jaunes/blanches and this site, alongside the edf bills to hand here in UK.

I need to telephone them to discuss moving our 'compteur', but the previous 0033 normal number is no longer in action, replaced by new ones, which fail to work from UK - presumably because they are numero vert/prix appel local.

Anyone got a working contact number?

Many thanks



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Thx for the hints.

Jetlag - the land line number you gave me is different from the ones on my bill, so will give it a try.

Baz - I can't get the edf site to load! Have tried numerous times at home and at work, 30 mins later no joy.............



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Well. Thanks to a kind neighbour, who pretended to be me and spoke to EDF from France, I now have the instructions for what I have to do to get them to give me a devis. Bearing in mind that I want the main box moved 12" to the right of where it is now and it is staying on the same external wall in the same room, I was surprised that I need to furnish:

Plan de situation

Plan cadestrale

Schema de la situation actuelle

Scema de la modifictaion souhaitee


BEFORE they will make an appointment to view.


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