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  1. With the condition of Johnson worsening overnight, and if you have any decency, I sincerely hope that you will withdraw the comment that you posted wishing Corbyn to contract the same potentially deadly disease. The virus has no parameters and its only aim is to wipe out its victim. Please keep the obsession you appear to have with Corbyn to political arguments.
  2. You should consider a career in politics, with a BS reply like that.
  3. chessie wrote: And you have the brass cheek to come on here and find such honest, forth-right language offensive Really ? Truly ? You honestly believe what you've written ? You should be ashamed.... Sorry chessie, but could you give me some clarification here please. Was this honest, forthright language posted by the same person that posted the deplorable wish that  Jeremy Corbyn would catch a potentially deadly virus, because he does not like his politics? It would be really nice to know that we are both talking about the same person.
  4. Interestingly, to get his legislation through, Macron also bypassed his parliament, deemed too obstructive even with his majority. That worked out well for Macron, still I guess the manufacturers of yellow vests are delighted. I see our new dictator is today threatening to ignore any law that may get passed to stop a no-deal Brexit. How very democratic, but what choice does he have? Please pass me the sick bag. Overnight Johnson has turned the UK into Bongo Bongo Land, by preventing democratically elected members of parliament having a say in the most important legislation to appear before parliament since the second world war. He has managed to drag The Queen into the sordid mess, and has created disquiet within The Commonwealth. I just wonder what the media (for that read right-wing press), would be printing if a Labour government, especially one that had Corbyn as PM had just pulled this stunt. Far different headlines I could guarantee for sure. Excellent posts lindal1000 and mint, definitely thumbs up from me.
  5. I think this photo is far more chilling...   It says it all really when Rees-Mogg's sister and former tory MP Widdecome are quite happy to go along with it. Pure scum.
  6. Well it is official...totally bonkers! https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/hunt-admits-no-deal-brexit-could-be-almost-as-damaging-as-2008-financial-crash-but-will-carry-it-out-if-necessary/ar-AADKGU4
  7. Boris starts the ball rolling with his 'F' business remark and says he is willing to prorogue Parliament to force his no-deal Brexit through (whilst ruffling his hair). But wait Jerry fights back, he too says that he is willing to prorogue Parliament, but with a heavy heart. Round two, Boris says screw the JAMs (whilst ruffling his hair), I will give the rich a tax cut, Jerry is having none of this, he promises to cut corporation tax to 12.5%, I can reach the bottom quicker than you Boris. Jerry thinks things aren't going too well, after Boris says the UK will leave the EU on the 31st October 'do or die' (whilst ruffling his hair). Back comes Jerry, yesterday when asked a question he states that wrecking someones business is a price worth paying to leave the EU. Today Jerry takes the initiative, bringing forward the deadline for Brexit to the 30th September if the EU doesn't roll over by then. Stop ruffling your hair Boris, we all know that you can do better than that. Boris has been using his race card for a long time now and Jerry is way behind. Boris has insulted Muslim women, black people and had a pop at the French for good measure. Jerry had a cunning plan though, he stated that his Chinese wife is in fact Japanese. Sorry Jerry you really have not got the hang of how the race card is played. So one of these two clowns is going to be the next unelected tory prime minister. What hope have we got?
  8. I think it was a chap called Boris Johnson that was all in favour of cameras... [:D] [:D] [:D] Thumbs up Norman
  9. I am sure that everything will be fine, once Mr Trump takes over the NHS.[:-))]
  10. Yes Norman we certainly felt it yesterday. It was about 8am when at first I thought it was very loud thunder, and then an almighty shuddering, I initially thought that a lorry had driven into the house, it was that strong. The whole thing was over in less than 5 seconds. It must be very frightening if you live somewhere where 'real' earthquakes take place. I then read the article that you linked, in The Independent yesterday afternoon, before I read your post, and was totally flabbergasted to read that the epicentre was as they put it, in a town called Bressuire. We are only about 15 kms from Bressuire, where we are going tonight, so I will look out for any damage.
  11. I see that the forum police are on patrol, telling us what we can and cannot post on the forum. I think that any kind of debate that keeps the forum alive would be welcomed, but it would appear not. Quite agree that Hunt was a complete disgrace today, but hey-ho the more racist you are and the bigger lies that you tell, are all credentials required to be the next unelected tory PM. Of course you must also hide away if you call a general election, as May did in 2017, or you are such a **** like Johnson.
  12. Spot on mint! I have no time for this poison challice nonsense, she took the job supposedly as a remainer, and then quickly started sucking up to the far right nut jobs in the tory party, who have now knifed her in the back. Poetic justice really. I didn't watch her resign, but apparently she started blubbering, it is a shame that she did not shed any tears for all the disabled people, whose lives she made total hell. Now we will have the tory party beauty parade, which supposedly will last up to two months. Sadly it will probably end in Johnston becoming the latest unelected tory prime minister to be hoisted upon the British public. Still he can start abusing Muslim women again, and tell business to F*** off, from the very top, that should boost his ego no end. So basically the whole thing is a total shambles, Brexit will be on hold, with the prospect of a no-deal being pursued by the far right nut jobs, although the parliamentary arithmetic will not change, so we will see how tough the new PM is, whoever it may be. We have Corbyn doing the hokey-cokey, in-out shake it all about over Brexit, and only the Lib Dems coming out as a truly remain party, and sadly that ghastly man Farage rasing his very ugly head again. All very depressing. Happy another birthday mint.[B]
  13. Well, Mr Bercow is playing a blinder for us 'Remoaners', it's a good job that somebody is, as sadly we cannot rely on Corbyn, Vince Cable means well, but hmm... This afternoon he announced again in parliament that May cannot try again with her meaningful vote without any substantial changes. As it is only the date that has changed, so not substantial enough for JB? Hilariously this could now leave the DUP and the Brexiteers high and dry, and having to accept a soft Brexit, no Brexit, a very long extension or any other version in between rather than jumping off the cliff, as they prefer. Priceless. Now that May has stated she will stand down if  her deal passes through the commons, and one can only assume that a hardliner will take over, will this make the DUP less likely to vote for May's deal (assuming that one is allowed)? Turncoat Johnson has now stated that he will vote for it, even though he made some stupid statement like it being a suicide vest around Britain, and this man could be the next unelected tory PM, scary stuff. No doubt the weasel government will now be trying everything that they can to side step Bercow's ruling, even stooping so low as to making Queenie dissolve parliament and start a new session. But for now sit back and enjoy watching the Brexiteers shooting themselves in the foot.[:D]
  14. Best not let the facts get in the way of a good rant eh? https://www.newsweek.com/budget-deficit-trump-obama-us-1171204 Still perhaps Trump can take away healthcare for the 20 million people covered by Obamacare, that should help reduce the deficit, and kill off a few Democrat voters.
  15. And he has only raised the federal budget deficit to 1 trillion dollars, and created the largest trade deficit for 10 years. God help us all the next time it hits the fan. Still give 'em enough rope...we can only hope.
  16. Well Hoddy I would not believe everything that you read on Twitter, I personally never go near it myself. As an exercise I tried signing the petition again today using exactly the same information that I submitted yesterday, including the same e-mail address. Whilst I was able to get to the 'one more step' level, which instructs you to click on the link sent to you by e-mail, when the link showed up in my inbox, it stated that I had already used this e-mail to vote, and prevents you from voting again. I would not have voted again if the system allowed it, I consider myself above the lying politicians that led us into this mess. I guess that you could possibly use different e-mail addresses, if you really wanted to go to all the trouble of setting up various new addresses. I too would like to see the whole thing over, but not at any cost, and certainly not with a no deal exit, so I am prepared to wait for an orderly exit or retraction, however long that may take.
  17. Call me cynical - I just copied this from Twitter - I’ve just signed the #RevokeArt50Now petition 10 times. Started off using different email addresses but then noticed you can sign it multiple times using the same email address. That will level up all the cheating and lying that the Leave campaign used then.
  18. Sadly very true Norman. Wicked witch.
  19. It's a good job that the tories are the 'party of business'[:D][:D][:D] Just think what would have happened last night if they were not.[:-))]
  20. Can I have some of what WB is smoking please.[blink] https://www.theguardian.com/business/2019/mar/12/brexit-uncertainty-prompts-more-uk-firms-to-prepare-for-job-cuts
  21. Thumbs up Théière. Nice to see that WB is now supporting the 'commies'.[:D]
  22. I have just read an article which states that the ruling not only means a price increase on any goods that do not have at least a 10% mark-up on them, but the end of BOGOFs as well. The supermarket is now only allowed to discount any item by a maximum of 34%, so obviously no more BOGOFs, the best that they can offer would be 3 for 2. When we went shopping yesterday there were no BOGOFs, so mint I assume that the increases came in on 1st February. I really do not know where these politicians are coming from, they certainly do not know how ordinary people live. I see that our Emmanuel has another thread going, with another of his screwball ideas in the making. I feel so disillusioned at the moment with all politicians, that I really feel that I do not want to vote for anybody at the next general election. It seems the same in the UK at the moment, with both May and Corbyn determined to crash out the the EU in the hardest way possible, so both of the main parties seem hell-bent on screwing the ordinary person in the street, and the youngsters in particular. I guess a party may rise out of the ashes sometime in the future, but not really sure where it will come from. Sorry I could not get to mention Nissan in my post.[Www]
  23. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-47089844 I guess the gilets jaunes will not mind paying 8.6% extra for their Camembert and 9.9% extra for their Pastis, amongst other price increases. It is not as if the French are obsessed about their cheese and pastis.[:P] Are there any politicians left with something between their ears? In France we seem to have a totally stupid President and in the UK a totally mad Prime Minister. Surely the law of averages means that there must be one out there somewhere, although I am not holding my breath.
  24. Well, what a strange world we now live in, with everybody giving their expert opinion on whether Corbyn called a prime minister who is hell-bent on making the country poorer in any way that she can, a 'stupid woman', Johnson is cleared of calling all muslim women letter boxes. How very strange indeed. mint, many thanks for your best wishes. I have been sweating it out for three months on some spots that they found on my last scan, but thankfully last week my scan showed that they had not grown, so they have been deemed benign. I hope that you and Mr mint have a far better Christmas that you had last year, as you were going through a rough patch this time last year. Bonne santé. [:D]
  25. Sadly mint you are correct in saying what an absolute shambles, the fact that we are discussing what Corbyn may or may have not said, is obviously being used as a diversionary tactic by the tories, to deflect away from the mess all their infighting is making of Brexit. At the moment we have in power the worst government that I can remember in my lifetime, and the worst opposition party. I feel if Blair had been leader of the Labour party Brexit and May would have been on their respective knees by now. In defence of Corbyn I think that I would have said something far stronger than stupid, if having listened to May trying to make a pathetic pantomime joke, whilst the country is totally going down the pan. Perhaps if Corbyn had said 'stupid letterbox' that might have been more acceptable to the tories.
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