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  1. [quote user="Bugsy"]Sun is coming up, birds are singing.[/quote] ... and my bike looks forlorn, stripped of its red fairings and awaiting a new clutch master cylinder! [:(] Have good day! May see you NEXT time [B]
  2. Yes, definitely agree with this!
  3. I love these Tractions! I can't explain the attraction, but part of it is the interior smell I think. Maybe it just reminds me of being a child? Never grown up!  
  4. A bike meet, by car!! [:-))][:-))]  I'd never forgive myself   [:D]    Ron's got a good excuse though.
  5. Hi Bugsy, I'll be there if I can but the bike is still off the road at the mo. Have PM'd you.
  6. Rain? Rain? It's been beautiful here and forecast 25C for tomorrow! I won't be eating the red dead nettle though. If you knew my "faddy" eating habits you'd understand! [:$]  
  7. Wow, that was quick! [:)] Thanks, Hoddy. The lesser celandine is particularly bright and it's developed a patch about 4 metres in diameter; positively shining! I try to avoid these areas when mowing, at least until the flowering ends, but the Red dead nettle seems to have taken over, and smothered the grass... it'll have to go! I've also got a huge area, probably 30m x 30m, of "paquerettes". We live next to fields so any air-borne seeds seem to target the garden. Noticeable this year are the cowslips ("cou cou"); they're really nice and we try to move them to a part of the garden that's not walked on.  
  8. Could somebody identify the following "wildflowers" please? After a peculiar winter, our garden seems to be overrun with these. The first has tiny lilac-ish flowers, and the plant is only 10cms high. The second has yellow daisy-type flowers about 2cms across and again the plant is only about 10cms high. I'm just interested to know what they are. [URL=http://s1118.photobucket.com/user/basstrom79/media/wf1_zps7827ff37.jpg.html][IMG]http://i1118.photobucket.com/albums/k611/basstrom79/wf1_zps7827ff37.jpg[/IMG][/URL]   [URL=http://s1118.photobucket.com/user/basstrom79/media/wf2_zpse3113b6a.jpg.html][IMG]http://i1118.photobucket.com/albums/k611/basstrom79/wf2_zpse3113b6a.jpg[/IMG][/URL]
  9. I was an admirer too, and voted for what she stood for. We're unlikely to see such a strong-willed PM ever again I fear.  
  10. Sorry Scooter, but it is just my opinion. However, I too have been driving cars and bikes since 1964 and I've seen a lot of accidents, and had a few when I was still in my teens and inexperienced. I also had a spell working for an accident investigator and saw some pretty horrible results. I think you never stop learning, and like it or not, insurance companies base their premiums on the likelihood of you having an accident taking your experience into account. I've had to pay high premiums for performance cars in the past; same sort of risk assessment. Your mistake was in not earning any no-claims bonus of your own, and riding for 4 years as a learner is not exactly the best news for an insurance company to hear. On my car owning soapbox I say that owning and running a vehicle doesn't end with the purchase of the car or bike; all the other costs have to be factored in, maintenance, road tax (where applicable), day-to-day running costs (fuel and wear and tear), and insurance.  You already know this, but a lot of younger drivers ignore it! What I'm getting at is that people often shell out a load of money on a car they can just afford to buy, but then leave nothing for the rest of the costs, and then start whingeing about insurance as if it's somehow unfair. There, got that off my chest! Do some careful shopping around and use the online quote sites. Often a local agent can match the premiums if you show him proof of what you've found. Use the same agent who insures your house and car. Bite the bullet, pay up, and drive carefully for a couple of years and it'll start to come down. You would have been in the same position in the UK; they're no more lenient there. Happy riding!
  11. I've never liked the idea of insuring in someone else's name: it happens a lot in UK with young drivers but means that you never build up that no claim bonus (assuming of course that you don'y have any accidents!!). It's also one of the downsides of having a company car. When we arrived here the insurance agent wanted (ideally) 13 years' worth of insurance evidence for no claims. In fact I had much, much more, but the way we shop for insurance in the UK means, that worst case scenario, there could be 13 different companies involved. Basically my view is that if you can't afford the insurance then you can't afford to run the vehicle. so many people seem to think it's some sort of "right".  
  12. [quote user="AnOther"][quote user="sid"]The one in the picture doesn't look as though it holds very much. [blink] [/quote]You apparently completely and utterly misunderstand it's function Sid, it's a funnel not a container ! [/quote] I can see that! I was joking!!  [;-)]  Oh well.
  13. What I meant was that the seller won't post to France as there's no need for them here! [:D] The one in the picture doesn't look as though it holds very much. [blink]  
  14. The Ebay seller will not post to France! [Www] That's taking the p..... ! [:-))]  
  15. Definitely only SOME. [blink]  Exact figures unavailable. [8-|]
  16. FOR THOSE IN UK.....   [IMG]http://i1118.photobucket.com/albums/k611/basstrom79/summer_zpsf53b01a0.jpg[/IMG]  
  17. [quote user="Scooter"] Hi I passed my test in the UK early February and I live in France. Bought a Suzuki 600cc sports bike and didn't realise that in France, if you have just passed your test, they treat you like a young inexperienced driver irrespective of your age or how long you have had your car licence - in my case over 40 years!! [/quote]   Hi, If you only passed your test this year then statistically you ARE inexperienced. I appreciate that you have been driving (a car, presumably) for over 40 years but there is a lot of learning to do on a motorbike, mainly to do with avoiding cars driven by experienced drivers [:-))])  and the early days/months are critical and in many respects you are similar to a new young driver. I won't go into the hows and whys of passing your test in UK but living in France and what address is on your driving licence; that's a whole bag of worms that's been discussed before. As suggested above you should try combining your bike insurance with your car or other policies, it saved me quite a bit with Allianz, but still not as cheap as it was in UK. There was a thread recently about insurance costs.  
  18. Well that just doesn't wash with me! [blink]  
  19. Chancer mentioned the "relais" delivery point.  I've used this a few times; whilst it's 13kms away from here, the shop (tabac/newsagent) is open from early in the morning until 7pm in the evening, making it convenient if you happen to be often out during the day. You have to produce ID there, which is an added security measure.  [;-)] I've also found increased reluctance for Ebay(UK) sellers to post to France.  [:@]  
  20. I wonder if there is a list of procedures for which the cost is borne by the state? I can't find it. I had a cataract (day patient) operation last year and that was 100% covered by the CPAM apart from the obligatory half-day room charge.  
  21. Hi Bugsy, No I hope not, but I thought I'd keep it alive [:D] Incidentally, I thought that sticking things on helmets was a bad idea; I'm going back years here, but I thought it wasn't good for the shell. Don't forget your stickers. [Www]  
  22. I thought I'd better post this before our motorcycling section gets killed off. I received a regular email letter from FFMC (the action group for French motorcyclists) and in it was a reminder not to forget your reflective stickers for your helmets. Apparently there has been a purge taking place in Paris with fines of 135€ and 3 penalty points. http://www.ffmc.asso.fr/spip.php?article2487 Now, I've been here 9 years and I have never heard of this before! So I'm one of those without the stickers. French retailers sell helmets and the stickers are provided at the time of sale. If, like me, you bought your fully approved helmet somewhere else (UK in my case) you won't have stickers. France is the only country with this weird rule. Ignorance is no excuse, so they say, so I'll get my stickers at the first opportunity. I reckon posts like this are good enough reason for keeping the motorcycling section.  
  23. Well it WAS quiet until you turned up again! [:P] You've got decent warm sun in the Vendée ?? I'm only round the corner and we haven't got any here yet, in our little "microclimate" of supposedly 2300 hrs of sunshine per year. Turned off the pope inauguration; why do they always pick these old geezers? Glad you're back Wooly!  
  24. I haven't noticed a problem with the river at Confolens, or with the town; we picnic there every year with the grandchildren, just by the river, before an expedition on the Velorail.  I'm puzzled.  [8-)] I don't know about lots of English people being there.... perhaps British would be more accurate ? [;-)]  [:D]  
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