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  1. Birmingham to Bordeaux is normally a Summer schedule. I believe it is possible to change trains at Lille instead of Paris which saves changing stations the capital.
  2. Sweet 17 said "The only horror to beat that one are overweight women who wear pink or flesh coloured leggings" Well one of these lives in our village and she is French and almost as wide as she is tall!!!
  3. Be they British ex pats or Summer visitors, some of the people who go to the local supermarket in short shorts, vests and strappy tops should be shot at dawn! They are usually the last people who should be seen in such clothes.
  4. I agree with Russethouse. I think that if business is going well so far then prices need to nudged up a little each year.
  5. The article gives certainly food for thought. Good replies from all above.   Blanche Neige   (Happy with a foot in both camps!)[:)]
  6. [quote user="wen"] Cassis, they usually checkin about lunchtime(11am/noon) and are 'in-residence' until about 2/3pm.  One couple booked lunch here, came in and sat down and by the time I had taken their entree to their table they had disappeared upstairs. This may all seem rather seedy but it is a fact of life if you run accommodation. I know that franchise owners of F1's are well acquainted, thats why we never stay with them. If your 'proper' guests arrive around 6pm you will have plenty of time and because the earlier lady's are 'pro's' they do not leave a mess. ours never have. The bed will certainly need a change and so the bin will need emptying. Wash the bath/shower recess particularly well. But above all, retain that professional demeanor when collecting the keys. [Www] Smirk afterwards.   [/quote]   [blink][Www][:$]
  7. Nich   With a second hand appliance I don't think you will be eligible for anything.[:(] There is more information on here:- http://www.completefrance.com/cs/forums/602690/ShowPost.aspx
  8. Clair  "La carte aux Trésors" I agree that's a good programme, we saw it when we stayed in St Malo last time.
  9. Well French TV is not claimed be the best in the world but you will learn far more French if you watch that rather than watching British TV.
  10. "I was thinking of doing 3: starter, main, dessert or cheese as well as the obvious coffee/tea. And how much does everyone charge per head? Is €10 per adult and €7 for under 16's ok? I'd appreciate any info"   Magnolia   Our local Les Routiers charges 11 or 12 Euros for good basic meals providing 4 courses including (very basic) wine and coffee. For your home cooking I think you should ask 15 Euros minimum and more if you are including better wine.
  11. Stefan I have sent you a PM.   Do let us know how you get on with your enquiries.   Bon courage
  12. Stefan It would be worth going to see the secretary or even the Maire at your local Mairie and asking their advice. Also ask to see the plan cadestral and any plans they have for building development in your town / village.   Bonne chance
  13. Dan You could write to him at the property "but the lack of professional cleaning was a surprise - I wonder whether the owner is aware of how cleaning the cleaner is actually doing?" Perhaps the owner is unaware that so little pool cleaning is done. It will be easier for him to sort the matter while he is over there.
  14. "Is this cleaning regime ok?  on all of my previous holidays the cleaner has usually hovered, cleaned and checked at least twice a week."   Dan   Since your return have you been in contact and mentioned the problem to the owner of the holiday home?
  15. Clair, this is a sad story but they are vey lucky to have you to help them.[:)]    
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