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  1. I know most of you out there are Orange/Livebox folks, and of the few Freebox people I don't suppose you will have had this problem, but here goes anyway... Subscriber to Free for some 10 years now. Box changed after storm damage a couple of years ago. We are on the end of 6kms of copper so half a meg is the best we can hope for. Nevertheless it does work - albeit slowly. The box feeds this pc in the kitchen by wifi, and 2 others and a radio or two via a cat5 cable network. Now, at last, our long-awaited fibre-optique reached the village a couple of fridays ago and into my inbox pinged a 'welcome to your new Free high-speed ADSL' email. We are still on the end of a piece of copper, but hardly more than a km now. And of course 5 minutes later the internet went off and stayed that way for the weekend and the bank hol. After a lot of messing about and soft/hard re-booting (in case the new - but still copper - connection somehow needed a software update), I lost patience and dragged the box downstairs and connected it directly to the incoming black dropwire. No better running solo, so added the master filter (which then feeds all the phones) back in circuit and went to bed. No better in the morning so rang FT and (after all the usual line testing business) booked a service call for 2 days hence. The following morning it worked! and stayed connected right up to 10 minutes after I cancelled the service call the following day! Now, after a little more investigation, it seems the box will work (although it does seem to take a God's age to synchronize, stop scrolling and show the clock) back upstairs in its proper place, but only on wifi. If you plug a network cable in the back (either directly to a laptop or PC, or to the network distribution box) it crashes within the following 2 minutes.  Why should a faster signal be more fragile? What could the change have done to the box? I know if I go back to FT they will just say, "well your line is working: you have both phone and ADSL... what more do you want?" Thoughts please anyone. And before you ask, I've upgraded the 12v power supply to the box (the supplied one does seem to run rather hot) and I've taken the capacitor out of the FT junction box. paul
  2. [quote user="ericd"]Paul. It might be the right time to carry out a little census on a) Name of nearest town b) Dish dimension c) reception quality. I will add my bit when I go to our house in next 10 days.[/quote] 23160 Bazelat (nearest town would be La Souterraine) 120 cm reception: uneven ! I've spent hours micro tweaking the dish to get - what seems to be - the best compromise, which is why I wondered if a narrow beam attenuates the weakest transponders (those on the tightest footprints) on the satellites on either 'end' of the 28.2E cube ?
  3. It sounds like a no-brainer, but I wonder.  I live in the centre of France, and have had decent reception with 80cm dishes when properly aligned, with the usual loss of signal during end-of-the-world storm systems when they progress our way from the south. In an attempt to curtail this loss, I changed my main dish to 120cm, and frankly found little improvement. We still lose everything during storms (perhaps not for quite as long) but the trade-off seems to be that we seem more prone to losing channels which I judge to be on the 'edge' of the signal beam. Is it my imagination, or is the 120's narrow beam acceptance less able to find all the transponders on all the satellites ? I ask now because I'm about to replace an octo on the 120, and am considering changing it back to a good old trusty 80cm.  Am I being daft? paul
  4. That's fascinating (odd, bizarre, and French) !  What are the nature of these adendums (adendii?)? Changes the the mother's details, perhaps?
  5. At the moment, the registration page is happy to accept non-uk addresses (so therefore no TV licence number). Which is, of course, good. But I can't avoid thinking that that would enable them - at a keystroke - to block every non-UK account. If/when they change the access rules.
  6. Perhaps the Japanese Embassy could be persuaded to do a translated copy of the Japanese birth certificate?
  7. Since FT/Orange only charge you for faults from the junction box inside the house onwards, I imagine the wire outside the house is FT's despite it being on your property. Although how you go about getting them to re-route it, is beyond me. Of course if it were to suffer an (erhumm) 'accident' while your builders were working on the roof.... then FT would probably move it anyway while they were repairing it !
  8. I'm going into CHU in Limoges early next month for triple by-pass surgery, and am keen to talk to anyone who has had this surgery here in France, to discuss post-operative recovery... what to expect, time-scales rehabilitation services etc. Anyone care to email or pm me with their experiences, please? paul
  9. Thanks for that. I'll check them out once we actually have the long-awaited service (promised for June 2016, Jan 1 2017, Mar 1 2017, May 15 2017. Don't actually believe them anymore).
  10. [quote user="EuroTrash"]I don't understand your problem. If you change to Orange, will you not simply end up with your VOIP line provided by Orange instead of a VOIP line provided by Free? Wouldn't you just stick your same plugs into a LIVEBOX rather than a FREEBOX?[/quote] I thought that with the all-singing, all-dancing Livebox, the ordinary house phone was derived   from the box. Are you saying that the Box is fed from a filter in the classic way  (thus leaving the POTS line untouched) ?
  11. My miles of classic copper will - in a month or two - be changed to fibre optique (hooray!!!), and with it, one hopes, a blinding increase in speed from the lamentable 602 lousy bits (max) - frequently little better then dial-up - to 5 to 8 megs. When our NRA (Centre telephonic) comes on line we will be in a degroupe area, of course, but at the moment it seems Free telecom - with whom we currently are - are not joining the rest of them in posing their kit in the new cabinet. We currently have a 'free' 2nd line through the back of the FREEBOX, which I'm guessing I would lose if (as seems likely) I migrate to an Orange LIVEBOX. I have quite a complicated multiroom Panasonic phone system which takes up to 3 ('POTS') lines, so it currently has the FT and the Free lines in it, which we've rather got used to, so my question is, is there such a thing as a free-standing VOIP router-type box which I can daisy-chain from the Livebox, then into the Panasonic Unit as a 2nd phone line? Everything I find on the net seems to be base units for hands-free phones, which are obviously no use. 
  12. [quote user="Buzby"]We live in 65 near Madiran, and even on a 1.2m dish the reception now varies a lot - more or less OK on a modern Humax decoder but even that is weather dependent. Compared to a year ago, when we never had any problems, the signal now seems to be weaker. There is one issue which I fail to understand, the difficulty of aligning a larger dish. Using an elementary calculation, the resolving power of an optical element can be calculated from the ratio wavelength being received divided by the aperture. This gives an angle, in radians, from which you can calculate the minimum distance apart of two objects which can just be resolved, known as the Rayleigh criterion. Carrying out this calculation for a 1.2 metre dish receiving a 10GHz signal, ie 3cm wavelength, the minimum angle comes to 1/400. Since the satellite is about 40,000 kms away, this means that the minimum distance apart for two objects at that distance to be resolved is 100kms. There is no way that the individual Astra 2 satellites, which are only a few kms apart, can be resolved by a dish of that size, so the dish will "see" all of them. What am I missing? In general I have found aligning my dish no more difficult than my original smaller one, although it has to be precise within 1/400 radians, ie about 1/7th of a degree -  difficult enough! [/quote] Would the same be true of - say - a 90cm dish? If so it would seem to fly in the face of experience whereby it is possible to 'favour' one sat over another (in the same nominal location) where the transponder beams - and therefore the relative received signal strengths - may differ. (Classic FM comes to mind). Certainly the ordinary physical business of moving a dish about to find the damned sats is harder the bigger and heavier the dish is - perhaps that's what effects my view of ease of station finding/keeping? I never cease to be amazed at how rudimentary the alignment and attachment fittings remain on even quite high-end products: having struggled for hours to get the best possible signal strength, the effect of tightening the bolts then throws the dish half a degree off-station! The most intelligent design for dish alignment I've seen is for my satellite internet which has a bleeper whose pitch alters the nearer you get to peak signal, and to actually make the adjustments you turn a geared bolt. Easy, smooth and accurate. Would that all systems were like that!   
  13. Having been away from the UK for 10 years now, I've sort of lost touch with techy things. We have been given for a jumble sale an old UK freeVIEW box (not freeSAT, note). It says nothing on it about HD so suspect it's SD only. Obviously it won't work anymore here in France, but is the UK still a 'mixed economy' of SD/HD, - terrestrially speaking? I'll put it on a stall labelled "For UK only" if it would work over there, but if not, I'll bin it. I simply don't want to mislead people!
  14. [quote user="Jonzjob"]Which end did he tweek HSD?? [6] Nearly forgot to give a reminder about the BIG change to French TNT transmissions tomorrow. Full HD transmissions are starting tomorrow. If you don't know then just google it.. [/quote] ...and after all the bally-hoo FR3 (Limousin) still looks like it's broadcasting through a net curtain!
  15. The one slightly counter-intuitive thing about satellite dishes is that the larger you go, the narrower the beam (the more tightly focused) it is reflecting to the LNB, and therefore the more critical the exact positioning becomes. The upside is the greater gain, the downsides are the lowered ability to compromise between the slightly different positions of the various satellites which are all nominally sitting at 28.2E, but each in their own 1km cube box. The other downside (which I'll bet is more applicable to your site) is the bigger the dish: the greater the suseptibility to being blown off-station by the wind.   The only way I can get my 1.2m dish into an acceptable position is to drag a tv and a receiver to the dish and keep scanning after each move (I have a receiver which gives a signal strength for each of the frequencies as it's tuning up the band). Then we get another bloody gale, and it's back to square one!
  16. Well I've plenty of space left in the field (how many trees does one need, I wonder, for it to officially be termed 'an orchard'?), and was planning to pick up another trailer-full next time Aldi get some in (it's either that or a trip to Floralux in Belgium, but - rather like Ikea - I find it hard to get out of there for under E500) so as I'm always keen to add something which comes with a personal recommendation.... is Newton Wonder a commerically grown variety? If so, where would one get a couple? paul
  17. Thank you both for your timely replies. To each his own, I suppose. I prefer Bramleys as a cooking apple W-A-Y above and beyond anything else I can find in the supermarkets here. Canada Gris are almost as good, but if it's puree you are after then there's nothing to beat a Bramley in my opinion! The grower I bought them from said you won't get anything (even blossom) the first year, then in yr 2 (as you suggest Andy) he said, "take everything off: you won't, because nobody does, but you should ! Then in year 3 you might get a couple of kilos, but don't expect the fruit you see in Tesco's - the size of grapefruit - until the tree is at least 10 years old"! (I'll be mid-70's by then!). I surrounded them with suggested compatible polinators, but since the info came from an English website, I worry that the blossom times might be different here in the Limousin. I shall watch carefully to see which flowers when this year. Right. Off to Gamme Vert for sticky bands.
  18. Last Spring (and the previous Autumn as well, I think) I planted a collection of fruit trees: all the usual suspects - as they can along in Aldi and Lidl. Also a pair of Bramleys from a (not so local) supplier. So they've all been settled in the ground for 10-14 months and this is their 1st real Springtime. So my Q is, What - if anything - should I be applying to them/treating them with? And what pruning, if any,  should be done to 1st year growth? paul 
  19. Just looking at my back garden from the elevation of the velux in the roof, it strikes me that a sort of southwest - northeast axis is probably going to suit me for mine: after all, you're after the max heating effect in late winter/early spring,  and - for me- presenting a side to due East is no good because of the number of trees in the way. Once the sun's been up for a couple of hours it clears the obstacles and hits the part of the garden where the PT will be. Also, with that orientation, it then presents a corner, rather than a flat end, to the prevailing west wind roaring up the field. I'll let you know if the practice matches the theory! p
  20. No. The miracle is that it works in any way at all. During the high winds recently the wind blew rain under the tiles in the loft/office/studio. whereupon the water ran down the inside of the foil insulation and dribbled down the face of the purlins and dripped onto the desk. all in all not much - hardly more than a tablespoon full -  yet it was precisely placed to run in through the vent hole on the top of the Freebox, and directly onto the circuit board.  At least some part of the circuits are fried and died, so no amount of  taking-the-mains-out-of-the-back is likely to help, I'm afraid (it's already running on one of my own, more robust 12v PSUs). Pity as the wireless range of this box is MUCH improved on the v1 box they routinely replaced last year. p
  21. My Freebox is on the blink: it works (just) wired, but not wirelessly, and - more importantly - no dial tone. So it needs exchanging, but when I log in to my Free account page I seem to get stuck in a loop of 'advice' pages, but not able to progress beyond that. Anyone able to post me a link to the actual reporting page, or (as a last resort)  a phone number? p
  22. Thanks for that. 'Aucun messages' apparently..but it still gurgles like FT with a message waiting... Does it never have a clear dialing tone? p
  23. Does anyone know how to access the repondeur on the free (Free) phone line on a Freebox? Can't find anything on line other than for Free mobiles. The equivalent of 3103 on a FT line is what I'm after. p
  24. Just been on Pinnacle's website, and it all seems to be either software or PC cards these days... shame, sounds as though it would have been just right.
  25. I am trying to set up a means of downloading to my network storage material from the sat box. What I need is a device which takes in either an RGB signal or Composite (or even -gawd 'elp us -  RF) and squirts it out as data a la USB into a HDD, or up CAT5 to the storage. Yes - a TV/video card in a pc will do this, but I don't have the space in the living room for a full size pc,  I do, however, have space for a set top box or some sort of black box. Does anything like this exist?
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