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  1. Mine was, is the person that took the money a co-signatory to the account or a co-account holder and are/were they your partner? NO they wasn't a co-signatory to my account and NO they wasn't a co-account holder, and they are not my partner. It was my personal bank account in my name ONLY. The Bank had no authority to move my money. I have been given Aide Juridictionnelle because I have a case, not because I have been mistaken who's name is on my bank account. I am very surprised at "I have just run out of sypathy for OP" I have not seen any sypathy I thought it was sold at the market next to the vegetable's. So far some advice as been is it a 'he or she' does the advice change with sex, or they are "geordie" does that make a difference when asking for advice here in France, would you like to know what colour I am too. Thank you to the people that have given advice with good will, and I am trying to look into all advice given.
  2. You try explaining yourself in french, that a french bank has taken your money, and don't care. I was looking for some kind of advice, what do you think the Bank's reponsibility are to us as clients. As you can read there are more people that don't won't to believe it could happen, it's like believing MP's could cheat on their expenses?
  3. [quote user="idun"]I realise that you have now gone to the Procureur, but why didn't you go straight to the police or gendarmes as soon as it happened, this is theft/fraud. I might have messed around for a little bit of money, but for my house price, no, I would have been screaming blue murder and I would frankly be onto the police etc, as well as british and french newspapers. Get onto Watchdog in the UK. Get onto Homes from Hell on british tv. Get onto every last newspaper. Make sure you have details to back you up, you will have all your paperwork won't you. I don't understand why a judge didn't do anything either, all very strange.[/quote]
  4. [quote user="NickP"]It's begining to sound like send me your bank account details and your mothers maiden name,  oh and while your at it give me your pin number. Hmmmm Sorry, but sounds very suspicious to me. [/quote]
  5. [quote user="PaulT"]Perhaps that is why the bank and tribunal were not interested - judgements cannot be made on a part story, indeed, part stories must be treated with suspicion. Why do posters do it - is it to try to gain sympathy when given the whole story would gain them none? Paul [/quote] It has NOT been dismissed from the tribunal,at the last judgement they passed a decision that the Bank does not have the papers of authority, we can now go to the Tribunal, when my new Avocat decideds to write to me, I have been writing and asking for the last 6 months. I am a women in my 50's I have had my own business and bank accounts, I came to France for a better life like lots of other people that is my crime . The business that I came here for was a small restaurant and a large plot of land, that I was going to have as a garden centre, I am RHS trained with a degree in landscape design. The deal was for me to rent the property and land and if I wanted to at a later stage I could buy. The business man had been living here 10 years with his wife and was personal friends with the bank manager, had lots of property and I met lots of his clients that had brought varies propertys from him.
  6. To answer some of your questions. I was first directed to an Avocat, and she recommended writing to the Bank because there must be a reasonable explanation, and we must be seen to take the right steps. The courts have to decide plus the legal aid if there is a case. I came to France to work to rent a restaurant, I did not sign for anything and it did not work out, because he got the money with out me, but with the help of the bank.When I came to France the funds were cleared into my personal bank account, through the sale of my house in England. What I can't get my head around , I have to take the person who ended up with my money to the tribunal and the Bank because I have to show how he got the money with out my Authorisation, No one wants to go up against the Bank. I thought once it had been heard at the first hearing just asking for papers, (because they would not supply anything to my Avocat) to see if I had a case to take to the tribunal that the Judge would say 'put this women money back' not to be. Why do we put our money in a Bank, what responsibility do they have to protect it. When I went to see the Directeur de Secteur when he gave me about 10 minutes of his time and closed my dossier saying Tribunal, why are we not on the same side, the bank helping me, giving me guidance as to what action to take, or why are they not taking the person concerned to the Tribunal, I thought that they would have had , their own fraud section. Instead just shown the door. Can anyone advise me what responsibllity does a Bank take.
  7. Thank you for giving me the information about the EU Ombudsman I will look into it.
  8. Anybody living in France would know that customer service's is hard to find. It took me six months into living here when shock horror happen. My bank manager decided to move my money into somebody else's bank account with out any authorization, when i asked the manager where was the authorization he closed my dossier and said tribunal, he would not even have a translator present. The sum that was moved is the price of a house, not a small sum. I was given help my the french system CAF because of special reason's, and given legal help my advocat wrote 3 letters to my bank over a period of 6 months no reply, she started taking me seriously another 6 months to get it in front of the courts just to ask them to supply my bank statements and the paper of authorization, it took 6 times in court because the advocat working for the bank said they did not have all there papers, the Judge decided that there was no papers of authorization. It takes my advocat 5 months to tell me that she has joined an association that the bank is a client and can't help me anymore, passed me to another advocat who 6 months later has not answered any of my letters to her, but she doe's have my dossier. I have been informed that there is a time scale of 3 years and I can not do anything. I wrote a letter to the Procureur asking him to look in my case and give me justice in this country France how it has let me down. I put my money in a French Bank to keep it safe, they moved my money, why is it that I have to fight this case, with no funds and living on the bread line, no one what's to believe the bank can make a mistake and cover it up, they expected me to go back home. I see my Bank Managers face when he said to me and my son Tribunal, he still has his job and nothing has changed for him, for me and my son living here as been hell. 3 years has moved on and I am waiting to here from Procureur. Is there anybody out there with any advise or having something similar happening to them i would like to hear from you. Is there no justice here.
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