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  1. I should have said opinions rather than advisory in my last post. I am of course open to advice that is why I posted in the first place. I am sorry for any missunderstanding
  2. I have had a visit from spanc last year, they recomended that I repair broken pipe and to uncover the tank to make it accessible. They made no mention of a vent pipe missing. Should I install one, and if I do can I just bring it 3ft out of the ground with a carbon filter fitted. or has it to go above the eves. I can see no regulation as to the height only advisory comments. many thanks to whoever
  3. I will be visiting Pesac in Bodeau on the 9th December to the 13th December. I require three single rooms. can anyone recomend a chapest place to stay.many thanks
  4. When I move to france is it possible to obtain a french pension.I am now retired.I have lived in uk all my life. thankyou
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