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  1. Well so far we have had one attempt by one provider which cost 300€ for an electrician to run a wire through the gaine for the existing telephone line which goes across the garden and under the house before emerging the other side. The technicians who came to install fibre broke the wire and could not install the new line. Some months later we are now trying again with Orange. Line under house impossible so terrassier needed to dig up courtyard and run gaine underground from opposite direction. Cost 700€. Cheap it isn't.
  2. YCCMB I said nothing about compensation for an adverse exchange rate. That would be ridiculous. I was talking about the anomaly of the way the tax has traditionally been calculated in France, on an occupational pension taxed at source in the UK. The subject of this thread, in fact.
  3. Not sure I understand that YCCMB? We pay French tax on our income every year and obviously the amount goes up and down depending on the strength of the pound. Only my occupational pension is taxed in the UK.
  4. Would be nice if it could be backdated. It might make up for the plunging pound. ? Still at least we will pay less tax next year.
  5. My sympathies, Antonia, how difficult for you. Do you not have a Carte Vitale and / or an attestation for your own health cover from 2003? Even as an ayant droit on your late husband's health cover, you would normally have these. Apologies if I have misunderstood your situation.
  6. We use Google maps on our phones, with the function that shows traffic density in red, black etc. The black generally shows where the blockages are. We have found it reliable. We have fuel shortages from time to time, a few goods in short supply and problems on Saturdays when roundabouts are closed and the GJs walk backwards and forwards across pedestrian crossings (rural Normandy).
  7. EmilyA

    Col de Femur ?

    I teach English for the local U3A so my kiné uses the session to practise. You do meet some interesting people though, everyone chats all the time at ours.
  8. EmilyA

    Col de Femur ?

    Sympathy and good luck to you both. I was talking to someone at physio the other day and she had been in a rehabilitation centre for a broken hip. She said how wonderful it was (whilst pushing a hefty weight up and down with her leg).
  9. Just had a very clear reply from the impôts via the message box. Yes they will continue to take the tax payments by monthly prélèvements, but it will be over 12 months not 10 as before. Thanks again everyone. ?
  10. Many thanks all, that is really helpful. We don't seem to have the same message as Pomme, but will contact them via the message box. Thanks also for ankle sympathy. It seems to be a very long recovery programme!
  11. Just to add before anyone suggests it, yes we can go to the tax office and ask, but I am still struggling with the aftermath of my broken ankle. If we can manage without having to do that it would be good. ?
  12. Morning all For several years we have paid impôts sur les revenus in advance by monthly prélèvements (all our income is pension from the UK). On our avis primitif this year it says from Jan 1 2019 the prélèvement will be from the "source à compter" and the current prélèvement from the bank will finish at the end of this year. Can anyone help with what we actually need to do, as obviously they can't take our taxes at source.
  13. Thanks for clarifying, Eric. As far as the OP is concerned, we are sticking with CDS for the moment. We have collected quite a bit of the stuff required for nationality and are confident at B2+, but it seems to me only fair given the current pressure on citizenship applications to allow younger, working people to have their chance first. I would also encourage people to use their local U3A for language and culture. I have been studying on the French history course (for French people) for three years and have learnt a lot.
  14. https://www.remaininfrance.org/citizenship.html and from CONNAISSANCE DE LA LANGUE FRANÇAISE POUR L’ACCÈS À LA NATIONALITÉ FRANÇAISE les personnes âgées d’au moins 60 ans n’ont pas à produire ce diplôme ou cette attestation. Toutefois leur niveau de connaissance de la langue française est évalué lors d’un entretien. Les personnes produisant une attestation d’un niveau inférieur au niveau B1 sont également reçues en entretien.
  15. Eric, every source I have seen says that you do not have to sit a formal language test over 60. A friend got citizenship last year, she did not sit a test, but had, as seems to be standard, an interview with the gendarmes and an interview at the préfecture. I have read lots of reports of the préfecture interviews and most seem to include discussion of the responsibilities of French citizens, key moments in history (mostly around the Revolution), understanding of the implications of la devise, contribution to French life, knowledge of French culture etc. You would need to be at B1 for all this, obviously. There is information on the RIFT site and also a Facebook group for those seeking citizenship.
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