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I’m losing the will to live.

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 What are the rules about owning a goat ? 



The world is in meltdown, the climate is in meltdown, Schools in France are in meltdown. French police are protecting French schools left right and centre in fear of an attack.

But connection France wants to talk about the rules about owning a goat.



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Sadly it does not mention the fact that goats cannot live on grass alone, they will need supplementary foods if you only have a grass field.

Joking apart, people need to be informed about the real life issues owning any animal.  One often reads/hears people saying they did not know the rules regarding keeping animals in a domestic setting (cockerels in town garden and the effects it has on neighbours, rats etc).  The cost/exercise dogs need (especially people who work/live in a tiny flat etc).

All the information is out there on the internet, there is no excuse for learning later on that your bird loving neighbour does not appreciate your cat coming into his garden to kill songbirds and c**p in his grass - the list goes on.

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1 hour ago, norbert said:

When I read the title, I thought you were giving up on life.😆

I’m trying so hard not to.

Sooo Nobert (4 posts)….lets digress….should we take on Russia ?

Life won’t be fixed until otherwise !

Or am I missing the point ?


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The article does not recommend any particular breed.  Shout out here for the Damascus Goat.   Hopefully its mother loved it! 

If all animals looked like this the west might go vegetarian and help solve some of ALBF's concerns.


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