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About online privacy concerns.


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I don't know what you guys think, but I feel like online privacy issues have gotten worse over the past few years, especially after the pandemic. Because of the pandemic, people have had to rely on the internet more than ever; we purchase more online, we communicate more online, and we spend more time being entertained online.

Businesses and big tech see this as an opportunity. It's become much easier for them to collect data from us than ever before! (I think the pandemic also accelerated the development of ChatGPT; we are feeding AI with our own data.) According to research, 80% of the revenue of these big tech companies like Twitter, Meta, Amazon, Google, and TikTok comes from advertising companies.

They utilize our data for their profit, refine algorithms, feed AI, and even provide our data to the government to censor us. We provide these resources for free, and they don't give a damn about our digital privacy, not even our right to free speech.

I'm just so tired of all this censorship, data breaches, and all kinds of other nonsense!


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