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piraté, yet again!

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Firstly thank you to those who have contacted me to say that my email has once again been interfered with.

OK, I thought, been here before so I'll just change my password and 4-digit code.  Rang Orange, both French and English lines and seem to get directed to the website with not even buttons to "taper" to indicate what is amiss.  Still, I suppose it's Saturday and there is a storm.

Can't change either email or phone code because the devils have blocked my mobile.  The last time this happened, they blocked our fixed line from incoming calls.  I see that their nefarious purpose is to stop me contacting anyone to warn them.

Could you please put your thinking caps on and give me some advice, svp?  Thanks


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1 hour ago, betise said:

Betise, thank you.  I found your link and filled in all the details but when I pressed the "envoyer" button, it remains orange coloured and so I don't think it got sent.

I shall next try the email option.  Thanks again, you have been so helpful.

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