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Smoking in a no-smoking B&B

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I am new to this forum but came here looking for advise.
At this moment I have a guest who is smoking on the private terrace of our B&B room.
We are a no-smoking B&B.
For us, that is a B&B for non-smokers and perhaps we had to be more clear about that.
As smokers tend to have the smoke-odor in there body and sweat it out in the bed.
The bed is smelly after the stay which is not fresh for non-smokers.

Any advice ?

Kind regards,


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My neighbours used to run a B&B which consisted of rooms opening out onto a walled garden. In their terms and conditions they stated that there was no smoking anywhere on the grounds. I think you need to be a little clearer in your terms. As to banning smokers completely, I'm not sure how you could enforce that.

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