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Port of Dover


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Shambolic situation (again) at Dover.

The Port of Dover authorities are blaming the general public - “Too many coaches have been booked unexpectedly.”

The ferry companies are blaming the requirement (brought about by Brexit) for every single passport to be examined & stamped.

The public are blaming the French for insufficiently manning their border control booths at Dover.

The French don’t really care much.

I’ve been more than a bit ‘cavalier’ with the above summary, but it does I think illustrate the point that just about everybody is blaming somebody else.

The thought of being a teacher / minder on a coachload of schoolchildren held up just trying to get through Dover for 12hrs, is impossible to imagine. 


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Well it was my comment, but nonetheless more than heavily implied by the ferry companies.  

As most of us can probably agree (well maybe not all, but not too many on here), Brexit has imposed punitive restrictions on ‘free movement’.

It’s completely daft - previously, a coachload of 14yo youngsters from wherever in the UK would have been waved through.

Now ...... every passport has to be examined & stamped.   

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French passport control is often less than conscientious; I cross over often enough without checks. 

On the other hand if school holidays were staggered and not orientated around a ridiculous religious festival it would be easier all round. Or, simply if folk travelled midweek….

Last time I took the ferry it was empty, more or less. Well, it was an hour when de world was fast asleep or dancin’, well before dawn.

Travellers, use a bit of imagination.



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13 hours ago, Gardian said:

“Too many coaches have been booked unexpectedly.”

Is that not a contradiction in turn?  If they have been booked, it cannot be unexpected?  If they had just turn up unexpectedly, yes.  If they have booked ahead, its hardly unexpected!

8 hours ago, mazandcol said:

Ahh, but at least it's a BLUE passport...  😄

Made for the UK in Poland 🙃

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