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Credit card problem with Tunnel

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After a longish spell in England, I had my Lloyds M/card blocked once because the "system" decided there was fraudulent use being made with it due to a fairly large grocery purchase in S France after driving there. Luckily we had several cards at that time and used another one.

When I got around to calling them, my bank pointed out that on the back of the card there is a number to call to resolve such problems. They said it occasionally happens when a card is used for a largish transaction in a new, distant location after a period of not being used outside the UK.


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Banana, sometimes cards get refused becasue they ask for extra security, eg, a code received by text nmessage, and if you don't suply that, it stops it gooing through.. but I have had it happen without that.   It's very odd, but I don't know why.  Desperately trying to rememebr which card I used to pay for my last Eurotunnel booking, French or English CC (but not Nat West though) but failed to remember, but I haven't  travelled yet with them this year, so maybe something has changed since I last did??

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