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Simple Pleasures


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I've had a really nice and fruitful day today. For I start the weather was lovely and sunny; even more important than that was the fact that I got lots of things done AND everybody was so very nice for a change!


I started by collecting my new reading glasses. There is the new system here by which the lenses are free, and then you can either choose a small range of free frames, or choose something else to your own taste. In addition the opticians offer a second pair just for Reading, but made to your prescription, for an extra euro, so I got my main pair of bifocals (for the computer screen and the keyboard) PLUS a second pair to carry about with me for when I go and read a newspaper in a cafe for example.


As I had chosen my own frames rather than the free ones I had to pay a bit, but for the two glasses it only came to €56. The optician was very helpful, and spent time getting them to fit properly etc. I even had a coffee thrown in ! I came out feeling I had a very nice experience and a good deal.


Then I went to buy some new laces for my old pair of boots. There is a good shoe maker near my house, and he went to the bother of finding the best laces, but in addition he took the boots off; thredded them, put them back on me, and tied them in exactly the right place.

Again excellent personal service for 5€

I have asked him to re-heel them, and do a small repair, and they will be ready by Saturday.


Then to the pharmacy for the top up covid vaccinations (my fifth) where as usual nothing was too much trouble.

We what all wearing masks of course, and I commented that is was we couldn't see each other smile, but one of the other customers, a large African lady, said that you can read people smiles in Their Eyes, and we all looked at each other and agreed.


I had achieved everything I wanted to do do by 11 o’clock, and I came away feeling really happy with the world.



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