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Success-One down, more to go.


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Over the winter period, Mme asked if I could make her some bird nesting boxes. Always one to oblige, I said yes, but for starters it will just be the one. If my efforts result in tenants, then next winter I promised to make more.

I did a search for size, dimensions and style and found plenty of information including plans. I have a quantity of 22 cm wide light oak parquet flooring which was ideal for the construction and when completed I stained and varnished the outside only. The hinge is a piece of sheet rubber attached to the roof and to the vertical back with screws.,

I fixed it about 4 mts up on a east facing wall, as recommended, and a week ago Mme managed to capture a short video, on her phone, of the parents busily feeding their young.

Here is the uploaded snip(further down). I just hope this antiquated software can cope and show it.


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