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New use for car hazard lights

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Crazy.  Don't they realize, as noted in the video, the Police can easily see it is a fake ?  Dumb move.

That link leads to this link.  There are a lot of crazy people on the roads. 

It most definitely isn't easy, but it isn't impossible.  You can't give up.  You have to follow through the process.



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21 hours ago, Harnser said:

Having a fake driving licence card won't cut it from this year - the police/gendarmes will have mobile access to the databases.

I don't quite understand why, when all these data bases are "available" more use is not made.  Theoretically, auto number plate scanning (ANPR) can determine a few things;  Wrong plate for that type of car/tractor (cloning), no control tech associated with that car, no insurance for that car, driver of the car may not/has no driving licence, car stolen etc.  Not much uses of this tech seems to be made.

We went to the Alps a couple of weeks ago, used the autoroute and our dongle.  Passed through the new "no toll booths sections" and could hear the dongle "pinging" a few times.  However, on the way back one gantry system failed to activate the dongle.  Within 3 days we had a letter asking for payment of €4.60 as the ANPR back up for the activation system kicked in. If they can do that for such a paltry amount, the  criminal scans should be possible. 

And if you don't pay the tolls if you don't have a dongle, the penalties can be high.


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