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Create a Post. (for Lori et al.)


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This is not meant to teach your grandma how to suck eggs, but for assisting anyone struggling to create and submit a post

Members need to be signed in to create a post.

Select and click 'Create' - can be found in the forum header, to the left of the 'notification' bell. This will reveal 'Topic' - click on 'Topic'.

This will reveal 'Select Forum'' - click the 'v' in the 'Select' box.

This will reveal the 'Forum' list -  click on the > of the forum topic you want and click on 'Continue'.

This will reveal a sub-list of forums within that topic - click on the forum you want to post on.

This will reveal the page where you are able to compose, edit, review and 'Submit Topic'.

After selecting 'Submit Topic' it is always prudent to wait, can sometimes seem like a lifetime, until the submitted topic is viewable as a forum post.

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