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Garden bonfires in Civray area

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Betty, your link says you can't normally burn 'Green' waste which is fair enough but it does have some 'get out' clauses (this is a Google translate).

However, in rural or suburban areas free of waste disposal in which no collection system is provided, it is possible to burn its green waste in his garden under certain conditions.

between 11 am and 15.30 December to February

     from 10 am to 16:30 the rest of the year,

     and in any case on the dry plant.

In practice, a prefectural available in town hall specify the conditions of this burning.

The hygiene services of the Town Hall can be entered when a person does not comply with the ban.

Burn its green waste in the garden can be punished with a fine of up to € 450.

The neighbors bothered by odors can also engage the responsibility of the author for burning odors.

But does this relate only to dry stuff?  What exactly does '... and in

any case on the dry plant.' mean?  (et dans tous les cas sur des

végétaux secs.)

But as it says and was mentioned above, best to check with the Town Hall.

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Absolutely. But the overarching rule is that you can't.

My neighbour (who is a farmer and adjoint to the mayor) has occasion to burn waste occasionally (I'm not sure if it's green...although I doubt it:they have ample facilities for disposing of or otherwise using their green waste) and he was telling me that, last time he applied, he was told that he must apply and submit the authorisation to the pompiers AND have the bonfire ALL within a 48-hour window. In other words, if, for example, between applying and the expiry of his permit, there were 48 hours of torrential rain, he would not be able to have his bonfire a couple of days later, because he only had that 48 hour window....
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Thanks for that information Betty, I really didn't know, or even thought about it if truth be told. I am guilty of many infractions over the years but will be more careful in future although getting all my garden trimmings to the tip is going to be a challenge - I can feel an industrial chipper coming on.

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It jolly well is a challenge, I can tell you Pierre!

With my brambles, blackthorn and hedges, I used to find one of the great pleasures of winter was the occasional bonfire to get rid of the detritus.

Now, with access to an all-singing, all-dancing déchèterie in the next village, I am issued with a smart card that allows me 12 visits before it locks me out. Well, I am a gal who can haul 3 full loads of garden waste to the dump in a single afternoon, so I had to discover pretty soon how to top up my meagre allowance.

I assume that my car's emissions for these return trips to the dump must far outweigh the pollution of a couple of good bonfires a year...

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