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Moving to Averyon Soon Some Advice needed

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We are looking into moving to the region of Averyon soon.  We have two children aged 4yrs and 6yrs.  We are having french lessons.  Please could anybody give us some information regarding working as a builder on a self-employed basis as I know that it is illegal to work without the necessary documentation.  If anybody could let me know how to go about this it would be much appreciated.  Also I would like to hear from anybody else who has made the move to this region to hear there experiences.



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Hi Tracey

Bring your warm undies as it's very cold.  Just got back from taking B & B guests to Peyrusse le Roc and it snowed there this morning!!

We live just on Tarn & Garonne & Aveyron border and if you have not already settled on somewhere to live I would suggest that you go nearer one of the big towns if you are looking to work.  The people of the Aveyron are very traditional and, realistically I cannot see many of the French locals employing an English builder however good.  Not wanting to rain on your parade but there are far fewer English in this area than in the Tarn for example.

It is a beautiful area but quite a few places are isolated and if you want to improve your French you need to have neighbours to chat to.  If you need any more information please get in touch.

The Chambre de Metiers in Rodez will be the best place to advise on requirements for registering as a builder - please note they are more stringent than in UK and do require formal qualifications or proof of relevant experience so make sure you get all the bits of paper before quitting the UK.

Best of luck







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