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Touluse Blagnac Airport Yearly Parking

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As has been stated on the forum before and shown in the link below it is possible to buy yearly car parking at Toulouse Blagnac airport for just under 1,000 euros.

We are thinking of using this option opending ourchase of a more 'reliable' car.

Question is how/where/when can you purchase this option?

How does it work, ie swipe card for use with any vehicle, dedictade windscreen sticker for a specific vehicle?

If any of you fellow Midi-Pyrenneans have experience of the yearly parking option please let us know the pros/cons etc.


John & Julie



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I use carpark 5 regularly and you pay with a normal credit card. Carpark 3 is under cover and supervised. Try going into the website Aeroporte Toulouse-Blagnac, then click on L'Aeroport, then at bottom right on Parcs autos. Gives more info about each carpark and it seems there's an office, or poste de controle parking, on the ground floor of carpark 3 where you can pay for things by cheque or card so probably that's where you can get your yearly pass.
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There is a discounted annual pass available for P5 for airline workers so possibly something similar may be available to the general public but don't know about the price .

Best place to ask is at the Car Park Info desk which is next to the bottom of escalators on the arrival level (between the two halves of the Terminal). 

There's no windscreen sticker, it's a laser read card which you show to the reader on entry and exit of P5.





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Before we settled here permanently we had long term parking in Toulouse, we filled the forms in at the Enquiry desk on the ground floor and shortly after got sent a card which we used at the machine, in those days we used P2 but there have been a lot of changes at the airport since, so you will need to check as to which car park is now used for long term parking.  The whole process was painless, and quite reasonable as parking prices go.


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