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  1. My present insurer is 90 days max 30 day trips. However they did inform me that if I stayed longer than 30 days it was ok providing a telephoned to inform them. Seems odd to me. However they will not extend longer than 90 days which is what I require. The problem I am having is either poor email response or left hanging on the 'helpline' nos for 20/30 mins then getting routed to a person 'outside' the UK who really does not understand what I am enquiring about as my enquiry is non routine and not available under their standard answers list a presume. The joys of modern automated life!!! The quest continues....watch this space.  
  2. Thanks all for replies. Not yet ready for Saga 2 years off that option. Footman James only state 35 days on their policy. Cornhill direct seems the way to go. Going to visit local broker this week. Will keep you posted of the outcome.   John
  3. It is our intention to drive in to our place in mid June and stay until early October this year in our UK registered & insured fully leagl vehicle. However my present insurer (Elephant) only insure up to 90 days and will not extend this (even for a fee) to cover the additional 20/35 days extra that we will require. I have tried the usual confusedgocomparecheapoinsurance.com but these sites it seems (to me) that it is impossible to 'input' my requirements. I am hoping someone can suggest 1) An insurance company that may cover the vehicle for the additional days only 2) An insurance company that will insure the vehicle in France for the amount of time required. obviously I will have to cancel my existing and take out a new policy. Thanks in advance John
  4. I have been having the same issue whilst trying to access the 'Sports, Leaisure and pastimes' section of the forum. Tried F5 refresh etc but still cannot access this particular section. As a simple minded engineer if several of us are having issues then tis a good chance the problem is at the 'forum/admin' end. John
  5. Madrid airport hotel transit buses the small transit van type. A colleague put all his luggage in the back luggage boot of the bus. Bus stopped in traffic and same situation 2 guys open and empty the luggage and run off with several bags. Poor guy lost everything including his US passport..!! It seems that we have to be vigilant everywhere these days. John
  6. Is there a posibility that during the Fosse installation that any gas pipes could have been damaged?   John
  7. Paul, If getting real means that 'things move on' then I would rather stay unreal. Closing Post Offices, banks, shops and opting for call centres etc is that really 'moving on' Likewise the demise of the airport check-in desk for me falls in that category. All for the sake of corporate profits. I will admit catching a 1 hop flight with no connections it would probably be easier to check-in online. However as a frequent flyer (30+ a year)  often several connections online check-in is really not an option I wish to take. Of course I realise like Canute I stand no chance but the Meldrew in my refuses to go away. As for the man with the red flag I would have thought that he would cause unemployment by less usage of fuel tyres etc...maybe you should researh a little better. John
  8. Seems to me Toulon have got it right to discourage online check-in. I have no time for online check-in. 1) It takes jobs from people. 2) If you ever have connections/changes etc then it is far easier to talk to a human being at a check-in desk.   Unfortunately most western airports/airlines are encouraging online check-in and the horrid self service ATM type machines. At Amsterdam for example you now have to queu twice. Once to use the self service ATM and then again to deposite luggage...progress...I do not think so.   John
  9. Our beams had been 'hidden' for many years under a lath & plaster ceiling. We used St Marc Lessive floor cleaner and lots of elbow grease to clean them. Once clean we applied Black Bison (Bison Fute en Francais I think) and again lashings of elbow grease. Not the easiets task we have encountered but the beams now have an authentic dull sheen which we are very happy with. Removing stain good old Nitromos paint stripperI would imagine would do the trick John
  10. Trusty 18 year old Volvo 740 estate loaded with sacs off everything and off to the dechetterie. On our 1st few trips we had our UK registered car so the dechetterie policeman wanted to see some 'local' ID ie utility bill. Once produced no problem. Dod he think we would bring rubbish all the way from the UK to tip in France.....who knows. Sometimes use a trailer and where we are no issues. Like a many issues in France the rules can be applied very different in different regions and departments. Suggest you start small with the odd bag and see how the local worker/s at the dechetterie respond to you. Once you have been there a few times and they will know what you are doing probably no issue.   Good luck
  11. Sprogster maybe be correct. It all reminds me of the Moscow McDonalds story I heard recently. McDonalds about to open ther first outlet train all the Russian employees the 'McDonalds' way. As you would expect the emphasis being on speed and customer satisfaction etc. After 1 group had completed the training the instructor asked 'any questions'. A young lad raised ghis hand and spoke, 'let me try and understand. We are this side of the counter with burgers, fries, coke etc and the customers are the other side with nothing'. Yes was the reply. 'We have what they want this side of the counter and they do not have it'. Yes again was the reply from the instructor. 'Then please tell me why we have to be pleasant to them!!'. Enough said!   On a serious note we have found the service in France indefferent and also brilliant. We bought our bed from the local Literie and it was duly delivered ontime by the owner of the store who would not except payment until we had slept in the bed for a few nights and were satisfied (with the bed that is). France Telecomm.....arrrgghhh!!!!!!!    John  
  12. There is definately an 'international' choir based in Figeac. Our French friends are members and we have seen a concert on one occasion. I cannot remember the name/contact details at the moment but will try and get some info for you in about 3/4 weeks time on our next visit to France.   John
  13. Only problem was she failed the CT.....!!!!   Well spotted Ernie
  14. Try these http://www.ffve.org/ They provided the certs when I registered my wife. Moggie Traveller last year
  15. Ernie...sangria...!!! Not very oilfield roughty toughty macho drink..   What would the bears think if they found out? That'll be you NRB'd...!!
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